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Telus bill

I have had a smart hub and had pre authorized payments come out of my credit card .I had lost my card got a new one ..once I called TELUS they couldn’t find me in the system or account number I have recieved no emails or letters in mail ..I am stuck ...

Stacey01 by Neighbour
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Unable to access some websites

I have been having a strange issue where I am not able to connect to some internet services. This occurs randomly every few days and lasts for a few hours.Some of the things that do not work include my Alexa devices, my smart light switches, some Rin...

Bcoats by Neighbour
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Resolved! Port Forwarding - port open but no traffic moves?

Hi there. I have a device inside my LAN that is answering on port 8080. I can connect to it at 192.168.1.xx from elsewhere within the LAN and the service is there and working. Then I forwarded inbound WAN connections and set the rules for both TCP an...

brydiver by Just Moved In
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Wi-Fi dropping whenTV turned on

Periodically When I turn on the TV connected to PVR that is Ethernet to the gateway, we lose wi-go or internet. We have boost extenders to improve reception in the office.We have a fibre connection and TV works when this happens.Any ideas on what hap...

rdsims by Just Moved In
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How to access router settings

Hey everyone!I'm just wondering how I can access my router settings?I have a WiFi light that needs a 2.4 GHz signal to connect, but for some reason it's not connecting, even though I think I have smart steering on my router.I'm trying to access my ro...

Online Security Added onto Bill

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue... I had an 'online security' charge on my bill for Norton Antivirus (a service that I have never used)... unfortunately, for the last two years.I didn't notice since the bill was essentially the same as wh...

maddie01 by Just Moved In
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NH20A - How to disable full bridge mode?

I set the NH20A to full bridge mode while testing a 3rd party router (that I learned is faulty). Now I am trying to log back into the modem (or whatever the bleep this restrictive piece of junk is) so that I can shut off the bridge mode setting. I am...

BuddyBren by Friendly Neighbour
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