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Internet Speed


I need some assistance as to how to talk the technician regarding speed issue, I am a new 1G internet customer since last Thursday, the hub was installed in the garage close to the garage door, two extenders are on second floor of the house, front and back both connected to desktops with ethernet cable. the fastest speed I got from the front desktop was 478 mbps and the back was about 130 mbps, my S8 only getting about 108 mbps even both desktops are not in use. So, I am wondering could a line been running up to second floor of the house then connect to the hub/modem, if not, what else could it be done to improve the speed, before I have Shaw 600 and the speed even faster, please help!


Community Power User
Community Power User

What speeds do you get if near the hub?

What extenders do you have, and how are they connected to the hub?

Can you describe the equipment Telus installed, please?


Yes, wired connections are the best option.



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My S8 get 180 mbps when stand beside the modem/hub, the extenders are stand alone not connected to the hub, I believe it is call boost wi-fi. the equipment are ONT, the hub and two extenders. here are the image for the hub and extenders.





problem is sort of solved, now getting 500 mbps at the front and 250 mbps at the back, thanks!  

What did you do to get it all sorted out?