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T3200M and Telus Wifi Boosts - Force 5Ghz?

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Hi everyone,


For context, I'm currently using the T3200 modem and have one wifi booster hooked up via ethernet to the T3200 and then the second one connected wirelessly on the second floor. I've disabled the 2.4ghz band on the T3200 to reduce interference but I'm also an Optik TV subscriber so I've kept the 5ghz band on. Other than that, I've connected all my other devices on to the booster network.


Is there a way to force devices to use the 5ghz band while on the mesh network? Even if I'm just one room away from the wifi booster, my connection still switches to 2.4ghz and my speeds dramatically drop. So frustrating since I know the connection is good enough for 5ghz...


I've also seen some people mention a newer Arcadyan modem that meshes with the boosts so perhaps I can further improve my coverage that way? Can I just contact support to upgrade?


Any help is appreciated, thanks!


Community Power User
Community Power User

You may be able to access a web interface by entering the assigned IP address of each Boost. You will, of course, lose signal strength as you move to locations better covered by 2.4 GHz.


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Just an update for others with the same question: the web interface for the boosters can be accessed at but unfortunately there is no option to disable SmartSteering or disable 2.4ghz band