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Resolved! Telus customer service is HORRIBLE!!!!

Contacted customer service support online, big mistake, didn't get any satisfaction so called the 1-888-811-2323 number and was on the list for a call back. They called me three times and each time I was told to press 1 for a person, put on hold and ...

blg05 by Just Moved In
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Home phone/internet hub panel

Hey I have a quick (possibly dumb) question.I remember when we were setting up/troubleshooting my home phone that the tech said we could plug directly into the big square panel hub thing (forget the name) as it has a port listed as “phone”I thought t...

Resolved! Nokia fiber box

First, WHERE IS THE ENGLISH??? When you converted me from copper to fiber,I was told the fiber box had a battery that may lastup to 3 hours if the power went out.My power just went out.I had no internet and no phone.Does the Nokia box have battery ba...

Randyh2 by Friendly Neighbour
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wifi booster with wifi 6 hub/nah

I am told by the tech that came by to upgrade my old ac gateway to the nah and the wifi hub that my old telus booster will not work anymore with the new equipment and proceed to take away all 3 of my booster including 2 of them that i paid for with m...

Fibre install in community

Telus sent a letter that signed permission would be acquired prior to entering property. This was not done! They hydro vac’d 3 large holes over a month ago and have not returned with no communication to date! My front yard looks like a war zone. I wo...

Gavlowe by Just Moved In
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