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Adding a Router between ONT and Telus Router

Hello,I live in basement and the guy who lives up have 1000mbps telus. He's happy to share internet but doesn't want me to be on his WiFi and I can't add a second router up there as the range doesn't reaches basement and there is no option to wire, s...

jattdit by Neighbour
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Upgraded but no speed increase

Hello, I just upgraded my internet from 25 to 250 and I ran a speed test before/after the upgrade. It's been over 24 hours since the upgrade and the speed has not increased at all. I already rebooted my modem. Is there anything I can try on my side b...

jlijli by Organizer
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Resolved! Is it possible to switch the TELUS account owner?

Hi everyone, I'm moving into a new apartment, and the previous tenant has offered me their TELUS internet. They claim that they could transfer their TELUS account to me by changing the owner name and stuff. Just wondering if anyone has come across so...

Resolved! How do I change secondary DNS on Fibre Modem FXA5000?

I was able to change the primary DNS from Local Network > Show Advanced > DHCP Settings > DNS Server. There is only one field which is the Primary DNS. How do I add a secondary DNS? The reason I want to add secondary is because if my primary go down,...

ydesai by Neighbour
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Door to Door Sales

Telus, are you aware that the third party company you hired to door to door sales (The Acquisition Group) are parading around the Calgary area claiming to be direct Telus employees and aggressively advertising fake Telus promos to get personal info a...

Don't be fooled by "No Cost" fiber optics

The only way that Telus' fiber optics is "No Cost" is if you don't value your time. Someone over 18 has to be present when they install it in your home, and it took them 5 visits (the longest was 2 1/2 hours) before they finished, and it still doesn'...

BrentM by Just Moved In
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T3200m DNS host mapping

Hi, How do I get dns host mapping to work? My firmware version is 31.164L.22when I do a nslookup of the mapped address it returns:*** can't find local.fmams: Non-existent domain -Tomas

TomasF by Neighbour
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