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Telus My home concerns

My landlord rents a basement to me, but refused to get a 2nd service installed in my rental for my own internet plan. The solution was the wifi smart hub. Despite my issues with them unplugging my wifi daily (accident or otherwise) I downloaded the T...

Anyone home?

I've been trying to get hold of someone, anyone at Telus to pay by bill. It appears no one works there any more or at least they don't want to take my money. I tried logging on but their wonderful online payment system will NOT take me to my "Home" a...

is telus speed test the same as google speed test?

Hello Telus Forums.Why do i get 1ms 940mbps download speed and 940mbps upload on telus speed but only get 50-150mbps download and 50-400mbps upload on google speed test like does the plan only work on an certain erea like why does it not work the sam...

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Blocked Port 21

I need port 21 for my freelance job which i'm doing from home. the company i have a contract with uses ftp servers with port 21. is there a way to get telus to unblock port 21 specifically or do I have to use a different isp? i'm not very tech saavy ...

Bad Solving Technical Issues

I am frustrated right now with Telus, and I just want to cancel the contract with them as soon as possible. The thing is today is the 3rd appointment to re-install the moved service so far. And nothing has been installed nor fixed. The 2 last visits,...

Misled into late fees

This is what I see when I logged into mytelus. I assumed that I had paid off my bill but I have gotten emails on late fees. Later on when I click view bill, then I could see the correct amount owing. I don't care too much about the late fees in this ...


Google Home Assistant

Hello all, I have a weird problem, I have a google nest at home that worked perfectly, now that Telus have upgraded me to fiber and swapped out all equipment, router and WIFI points, It takes Google three to four times to connect and get me answers t...

Telus never cancelled

Hello TELUS Forums,I am here posting about an issue I've recently came across. After checking my statements for the past few months I've realized that Shaw was still charging me for a service I was not using. Approximately 4 months now. After speakin...

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