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Fibre optc excavation

During excavation for fiber optic installation they dug up a walkway.After back filling it is now sinking.After many heated and useless phonecards from useless representatives nothing is happening to correct this.What real alternatives exist to get t...

Resolved! Peculiar problem with email and Thunderbird

I've been using Thunderbird as my default email program for a few years -used to use Eudora, but that's another story- and by and large it works well for the 3 email accounts we have. Today a frustrating issue manifested itself, I can get Thunderbird...

Pieter43 by Helpful Neighbour
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Lawn and Driveway Restoration

Hello, I've been advised that the concrete in our area (Hidden Creek Hts, NW, Calgary) would be repaired in September, however it is October now and we haven't seen or heard anyone come by to repair our driveway yet. We would appreciate at least a le...

Port forwarding - Control by IP?

I have a router model T3200M. When I forward a port to a machine on my LAN, I want to be able to allow access from only selected IP address from the outside. I don't see any obvious way to do this. Can somebody point me in the right direction?Thanks!

WiFi Booster Coverage?

I'm wondering if someone can explain how the Wifi Boosters work in conjunction with the T3200. I have added 4 boosters and 2 of them say i should move them closer to the router. That seems counterproductive. The first booster is connected to the T320...

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Markakett by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Default Admin password doesn't work

We have a new Telus white cylinder. I am trying to login the admin panel (, but the default admin password(the one at the bottom of the cylinder) doesn't work. Resetting to factory doesn't help. Know what is the problem?

Azteker by Organizer
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Boost wifi 6 hub - connect to home router?

Just got Telus fiber gig internet installed today, and just have a few questions My setup is that the NAH modem is in bridged mode on Port 1, to which I have my own personal router connected. So for the Boost hub, it's currently connected to the NAH ...

canadave by Neighbour
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