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Unhappy with Internet - Is SmartHub any different?

Due to location, we have been stuck with Internet 25 for years. We are super unhappy with it. If I stream YouTube on one device and my child streams on a second device, a third device can't even browse the internet. We're a large family, and we use t...

nrbrown by Just Moved In
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how to make a complaint regarding door to door sales

We recently had a Telus door to door salesperson at our home. He was repeatedly told no thank you, yet he persisted to ask for reasons and wanted information regarding the rates we currently pay. Eventually I asked for his employee details and at tha...

deeprose by Just Moved In
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VPN Passthrough from Telus T3200M to Asus RT-AX58U

Hi, I have the Telus T3200 router in my home that have been setup for few years and everything has been working fine. Recently, I bought a new Asus RT-AX58U which I treat it as a second router. I have connected the AX58U to the LAN port of my Wi-FI e...

bennetlee by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Using different wifi access point

HiCouple of questions and I hope I can explain myself correctly. Currently since my move from Fibre optic to an older house that the best I can get is the T3200 and copper 150/30, I have been using the Wifi booster, but are not happy with the cover. ...

PL by Advisor
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Wi-Fi 6 boost

Once a device has been added to my wifi 6 device the MAC address seems to stay for ever. If I do a factory reset and try to add a device back again to the wifi I see the MAC address is already registered on the device so I can add the wifi device aga...

Peterv by Just Moved In
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Process for fibre drop

I live in a 5 unit townhouse and there is fibre on the poles in the alley. I’m on the board executive and can speak for the owners.What’s the right process to have the fibre dropped to the building? I’ve tried but it just says “...

Mitch-G by Neighbour
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Telus box on property

Telus has 2 boxes our property. It looks like someone backed into it on one side. Telus sent a technician to fix it, they dug up our grass and changed out the one box to green and left the gray one. I asked that they clean it up and match the boxes a...

skhurshed by Just Moved In
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