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TELUS discount for apartment residents ????


TELUS discount for apartment residents

Can apartment dwellers continue to receive TELUS discounts for the entire duration of their stay?, or is the discount only available for the first 2 years?


I have been receiving a TELUS discount for apartment residents during the 2 years I have lived in my apartment. Today, I renewed my lease with the apartment. When I renew my contract with TELUS, will I still be able to receive the TELUS discount for apartment residents?


Community Power User
Community Power User

The discounts are usually something arranged between the building management and Telus and can vary depending by building. Often the discounts are for fixed terms and are not extended. Most of the ones I've seen are only valid for the first year. Mine was only a year. Start by asking the building management if their agreement with Telus will still apply or if it renews with the new lease. If it doesn't, then you'll have to speak with Telus to see what possible discounts you can arrange.

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