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Wireless works, Wired Connections are not

Morning folks! When I fire up my smart TV or my Xbox, it says "no internet connection" however both of these devices are hard wired to the router. If I perform the usual unplug, wait 30 seconds and plug in again, these wired connections work again. I...

cwanz56 by Just Moved In
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Help with Telus modem/router

I've been having an issue with the router for the pure fibre network. When I connect all of the devices to the router initially they all work. After powering off the devices for a few hours, when I boot them back up all but one connect to the interne...

Panzer by Neighbour
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Boost Wi-Fi vs competing mesh systems.

I am looking to add a mesh Wi-Fi system to my home since the fibre is fixed to one end of my house and the wireless signal range won’t reach the other end. I see Telus has a new system called boost Wi-Fi, and for $120 for two nodes, the price seems c...

RyDawg by Advisor
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Access point no signal but have internet

Hi,I have Telus optik TV and my tv randomly this morning said “no signal” so I unplugged the PVR and now it has said “initializing” for he past 6 hours... Our internet is still working but I noticed the access point has no signal. This happened all o...

Npl2 by Just Moved In
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Bad internet

The internet I have been paying for is very bad and goes down to 0.18 download and 0.1 upload. I am currently living outside spruce grove in morning side and am wondering when fiber optic will be available in my area

Malcolm1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Does the T3200M NEED an ONT to have purefibre?

I was told that the T3200M needs an ONT as well to convert purefire signals into copper signals. Is there also a version of the T3200M that has that function built in where you do not require the white telus ONT box to convert the signals?

Wissum by Just Moved In
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Stop Changing my Recording Settings!

Every time I setup a series recording, I set it up for "Any day, anytime", "First run only" and "SAVE: All episodes until space is needed". There is an annoying bug where series recordings get changed on their own. The time will reset to the original...

cb111 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! No sound after programming remote

I programmed the remotes for my Sony TV but turned the sound on the STB to zero first (I now see I shouldn’t have). How do I turn up the STB sound when the remotes only talk to the TV?? Or how do I deprogram the remote?

Gregg by Neighbour
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