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I'm stuck connected to the farthest wi-fi booster

I often find my cell phone stuck connected to the wi-fi booster on the 2nd floor in my house. When it does, my download speed only gets around +8Mbps. To fix it, I would turn off my wi-fi on my phone. Then stand next to the wi-fi booster that is loca...

Knguncl3 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus tech took old modem

Hi,At my property, we switched utility accounts. Someone is leaving and I started a new account. The technician took the old modem and installed the new one. Recieved a letter in the mail with instructions to send the old modem to Telus. The tech too...

Technician spreading misinformation

Can you tell me why a Telus technician would suggest to a client with 6Mbps service that she could buy a "smart hub" to "boost her speed to 25Mbps"?Or that her multifunction printer is "draining her Internet speed" by being plugged in as a fax machin...

TekyJeff by Just Moved In
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T3200M router reset can’t get access to wifi/internet

So I pressed the reset button on my router because the internet wasn’t working and now everything is back to factory setting but I cannot connect it brings up the Telus website and I tried to do what it says but it times out, how do I fix this do we ...

Cullen by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Webmail is telling me my account password is incorrect.

Webmail is telling me my password is incorrect. It's not. When I click "Forgot", it says "Oops, your account recovery details are incomplete. Please call 1-888-811-2323 to reset your password". I called the number, and was told by an automated voice ...

Hem1979 by Just Moved In
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Switching from Shaw to Telus Fibre

I'm switching from Shaw to Telus Fibre in a week. Right now I have my network setup this way. My Shaw cable modem is in an upstairs bedroom via coax, then plugs into my router via eithernet. Then the router plugs into the ethernet jack in the wall wh...

Raegoul by Organizer
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Webmail » Password vs outage?

I noticed webmail not allowing me to sign in during the last hour.Then my phone states it wants a password change.Is there currently an outage? Or do we have a policy change?

xl by CPU Alum
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