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Terrible installation for home phone devices

Just Moved In

Last summer we were having troubles with our copper line. Telus came out and said they didn't fix copper lines anymore and installed Fibre instead. We did not want to switch to fibre, but were not given a choice. Unfortunately I was not home when the repairman came, and this work was done without my supervision.


Several problems:


1. Fibre wall "jack" was installed at chest height in my office wall. It's in an ugly location and I would like it moved out of sight to where the older copper phone jack was.


2. The installer left the... "breakout box" (ONT?) on a picture shelf in plain view right under the jack. Several problems here:

i. It is also an ugly eyesore and I want it moved where we can't see the box, but the installer only provided an 8" fibre cable, so the box can't move.

ii. I'm reading in the forums that the ONT is supposed to be mounted on a wall, but the installer left this once is sitting here unsecured.


3. The installer also plugged in the unusually large, white power supply (battery backup?) in plain view right right under my work desk. It's in the way and is clearly visible to anyone in the office.


We have been dealing with the inadequate installation for almost a year and it's making us crazy. It's especially frustrating that

i. no instructions were left with the box,

ii. no thought was put towards the room's aesthetic, and

iii. we were not consulted as to where we wanted this equipment to be installed.


I'm sure Telus will want to charge us to send someone out to move equipment around, when this could have been avoided during the initial install if the repairman had spoken with us about the installation.


I've been reading through the forums and have pieced some information together, but would love to have the following questions answered before getting on the phone with Telus:


1. Can the fibre jack be moved closer to the floor so it's not visible in the middle of the wall?

2. Can we install a longer fibre cable to the breakout box doesn't need to sit right under the jack in plain view? For that matter, how do you even open the plastic cover on the jack to change the cable? Does this need to be a repairman situation?

3. Is there a low profile power adapter, or can the power adapter be hidden / buried behind other equipment or furniture?


Any input on this would be appreciated.




Just Moved In

As @linuxgeek has suggested, get a longer fiber optic patch cable and move the router to any location you like. Here are some threads discussing which cable to get.


The problem with uploading pictures is known and apparently Telus is working on a fix. In the meantime @NFtoBC suggested a workaround that worked for me. Don't use the Insert Photos function and just drag the photo directly to the message window. Seems a natural function to have but it's availability isn't obvious.


You are right it could have been place in a location where it is not obvious. Unfortunately moving the fiber wall jack requires the Telus technician, however having said that what you can do, you can always get a longer fiber and replace the one that the technician put from the wall going to the fiber modem. From there you can move the fiber modem to wherever you want to place it. You have to make sure that the fiber cable is laid/layed properly.