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Resolved! Optik Tv inside kodi

Hello all I have an alienware alpha and I was wondering if there is an addon for kodi where I can log into my optik tv account and watch tv without switching between the box and the pc? Thanks in advance.Also note Alienware's Hivemind UI is Kodi.

Tourgasm by Neighbour
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Resolved! Multiview/PIP

Looking for the multiview app for optik TV, and doesn't seem to exist. Is there anyway to enable it or is it not offered?

TeamViewer WoL and the T3200M?

I've tried, unsuccessfully, to configure Remote Wake on LAN by configuring the NIC to accept the magic packet, assigning a static IP through Windows Networking tools, assigning that same IP on the router's DHCP Reservation Table, and forwarding a num...

YYCGuy by Organizer
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Resolved! Data Usage Jump

I've been a telus customer for quite a few years and have never used more than 80 GB of data. We watch mostly Netflix and have a Macbook and a Windows 10 machine and two Android phones that also run off of the wifi. Last month we were contacted by Te...

Finnigan by Friendly Neighbour
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PureFibre in White Rock

I live in White Rock and had fibre connected right to my home (right to the demark) last September but PureFibre is still not available to my address. Does anyone know what the hold up is? Is it equipment in the CO or? The reps appear not to know. Ha...

Marinus by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Connecting T3200M to patch panel/home wired network

I'm looking to hook up our internet (through the T3200M) into our home's pre-wired Cat5e network so we can have wired internet for computers/gaming. For reference, we have a relatively new townhome that was purchased pre-wired with ethernet hookups i...

CurlingGuy1 by Friendly Neighbour
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