Got Fibre: how to replace Actiontec modem that is still connected on old copper line?


Hi all,


I recently got upgraded to fibre, but I'm not happy with the way the tech has set it up. I'm looking for your advice on how best to fix it.



Fibre enters the house at a far corner, where it is met by Nokia ONT. From there, it goes into another small white box (wall-mounted), and leaves the house again to connect to the old copper wire. The Actiontec 3200M legacy modem is hooked up to that old copper. The reason for this is that the wire travels through dropped ceilings and could not readily replaced. The modem is in a more central place in the house, and is connected by ethernet devices -- home phone base; Arlo camera hub; Wifi booster base -- that would not work anymore if they were all relocated near the ONT.



I have a few of the TELUS boosters set up, and while the WiFi is generally stable it is not fast. The quality of the what the boosters provide seems to have deteriorated lately.



Install a more powerful mesh-able WiFi-6 router at the ONT, and extend with a booster (the house isn't that large).

Run ethernet cables to better location for the other wired devices/hubs.



Is it possible to connect a 3rd-party router directly to the ONT?

Or do I need to keep using the Actiontec modem as a bridge? (In which case, are there good step-by-step instructions on how to set this up?)

Or is there a better solution altogether to bypass the copper bottleneck?


Thanks so much for your help/advice!  We've come to rely so much on good home WiFi with everyone working/schooling from home, but I don't want to purchase any new equipment without having been able to think through the entire setup...







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If you plan to run Ethernet to other locations from a new router near the ONT, why not run Ethernet from the ONT to your current router location? Is is a do-it-yourself level task.


Yes, you can use a different router than the supplied T3200M, as long as you don’t have Optik TV. Most third party routers don’t handle the multicast signal used by Optik.


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The old copper wire that you mentioned is at least a CAT-5?