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Anonymous Call blocking and the Law.


Quick word of advice about the Anonymous call blocking service Telus offers. Telus has enabled several features like this and call control to make it easier for users to deal with spam calls; however.


Be aware that if local law enforcement calls you, be it as simple as a question or clarification they will always do it on a private unlisted number. If this number is blocked by your phone settings or setup and they are unable to reach you the next step protocol dictates to them is that they must pay you a visit in person at your residence. 


Keep this in mind, that when some big city yahoo calls 911 in the middle of hunting season to report a "dead body inside the truck"after they see blood spathes on your tailgate left from loading up your legal deer earlier that week. The police will call you to ask whats going on from a private number, and with no answer they will be forced to respond to the situation by deploying officers as they see fit at the time.


This isn't the only situation you could possibly run into with no phone response warranting a dispatch, but it is one that has happened to me personally. Luckily in my situation the EPS that responded were very understanding (hunters themselves) and laughed the whole situation off.

In in this time with the fake news media forcing agendas, if this eye opener will help just one person then its worth posting.