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Advice on Boost WiFi support for Apple devices

Friendly Neighbour

Hey, all this COVID period has definitely meant way more traffic on the home-network, which includes these features: 


  • Telus PureFibre 300
  • ActionTek T3200M router 
  • Telus Boost WiFi - 3 WAPs deployed
  • Apple laptops and iOS devices 
  • Samsung Android phones / tablets 

After many months of stable support with Boost WiFi in my home, frequent drops began in March/April, for my users of Apple devices.  I pursued all the trouble-shooting measures with Telus Home Network tech-support, and while the support I received was great, we were unable to resolve the issues.


Upon escalation, a Telus tech came on site back in April and provided more support, which was great.  Based on insider technical advice, he advised that there was a known issue affecting Telus Boost WAPs, and Apple devices, related to authentication hand-shake failures of the Apple devices to the WiFi WAPs.  What a relief to finally get a diagnosis that matched the experience!  Apparently a firmware release to fix this issue had been in development, and/or was ready for release to the field, but still wasn't in circulation to solve my issues.


I ended up collapsing the Boost Wifi WAPs and re-deploying some older gear I had to re-stabilize service to a household of 6 users.  I am now considering re-deploying the Boost units, or going for a 3rd party mesh, but I'm wondering if this firmware rev. was released to the field over the April-July period by Telus? 


Thanks for any insight!



TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@a5a83529 A new firmware was deloyed throughout May to June, which should help with connectivity with Apple devices.


You can view which firmware you have using the TELUS WiFi app


The newest firmware is: v1.32.28 build 30



Friendly Neighbour

Ok, great advice on the timing of the firmware update!  I can see that 1 of my Boost WiFi units has picked up the update.  I'll deploy the other Boost units and monitor the user-experience to see if that resolves the issues we were having earlier in the spring.


Thanks much for your feedback! 

Hopefully the firmware updates work for you.

Not sure why (i lie i know its marketing) Telus is pushing the WiFi boost units out now when IMO the solution they had prior to this was superior.


Have been suggesting this a lot today, but it seems to apply to so many situations.

If your house is wired with COAX for cable.. Find a used T3200M cheap and pair it with your existing one via MOCA to a second location in your house that has it COAX wired the same way you would to a wifi boost unit.. these modems really do give a strong signal, keep the same SSID, and you also get a 4 port Ethernet switch at both locations for additional wired devices.


As far as wifi APs I have played with many both personally and in customer deployments and for the most part if its not Cisco or Ubiquiti don't waste your time or money. You will not get the same performance from a device built to minimal cost to support a handful of users that you will get from enterprise grade equipment designed to support hundreds.  You get what you pay for and that's why a wire be it RJ45, COAX, or Power line adapter based off the existing wiring of your house will always be more bang for the buck at consumer budget. The performance of the T3200M's at this budget in terms of actual WiFi signal and features is not to be underestimated.


That said if money is no concern, spring for 100% Ubiquity backbone and AP's and don't look back, don't handicap yourself by not getting the 10Gbit switches either 🤑