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Email Migration problems

Just Moved In
I first received a couple of emails about the upcoming migration. At first, I believed it was a scam. I tried several times to reach a representative-after being on hold fir 2 hours, it then just rang, until I hung up 15 min later and called again and after another 2-1/2 hrs, did reach a rep who helped me. I was having problems with verification codes to log in to set up my migration date. The day arrived which resulted in another 4-1/2 hr hold. I finally reached another rep who helped me with a verification code which was going to be sent to my now defunct email. After about 15 min, we managed to het it resolved but I had to wait 24 hours for everything to migrate. I want to know why Telus does not have enough staff working, especially during peak hours, when you know you are taking on this huge undertaking and there are bound to be problems . The CHATBOT is useless. The COVID excuse is done. Or maybe it wasn’t the time to go ahead with this. Both reps were so very polite but I am sure they are getting chewed out. I work 11hour shifts and was not happy to be on hold for my entire evening. You need to up your game, Telus.