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Door to Door salesman lied


Hello so be careful of a door to door salesman named Navraj. He came to my apartment and he said that he's offering home internet and I told him I'm okay because I'm getting 200mbps from teksavvy for $40 plus 2 months free and no hidden fees. So he said I can give you $50 for 250 mbps and free installation. And he also offered home and mobility services and which I said no because I'm getting $30 for 100gb data for fido. I told him why would I take $29 for only 50 gb data. 


I was stern with him and kept saying I don't need mobile data and just to make sure that I'm only paying $50 a month and getting a 200 bill credit so 4 months free. And that if I signed up for koodo plan, I'll get a bill credit 10$ per month bringing my total to $40 a month and can cancel the koodo mobile plan and keep the 40$ bill.


I come to find out that he lied and the actual bill is $60 a month and signed up for a koodo sim card. 


I called telus and angel, the representative was so nice and helpful and got navraj to be on the conference call. I kept telling navraj that I can not afford it and has no need for mobile data and asked why he lied to me and which he responds that "isn't the service faster though?" 


I'm embarrassed to say but I was agitated and cried because I'm on the phone for 1 hour and a half and he just kept repeating the same thing. I'm a student and has no help from anyone and I've been looking for a job for almost a year. I can't pay $80 dollars extra on my rent. Please help me. There's a recording of the whole conversation. 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.