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Forcing device to use 2.4 over boost


I have a few Boost wifi devices scattered around the house. Each device connects back to the modem via LAN. A few months back I installed some wireless cameras outdoors. Connection has always been spotty and someone suggested forcing these devices to 2.4 GHz.


Ive been looking thru the Boost’s (Telus Connect) and T3200M interface yet see no such option for boost. Smart steering function for T3200M can only be configured for T3200M SSID. I have wifi disabled on the T3200M anyways as it’s tucked away in a small utility closet.  

In summary, can 2.4 GHz be forced on a device via Boost wifi?





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. It is doable to disable the unit's Smart Steering and assign it to one channel, but you'll need to have our Tech Support team do it for you. Give them a shout at 1-888-811-2323 and they should be able to get it done for you.