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Fibre in Calgary's St. Andrew's Heights community

Just Moved In

I've been checking addresses right around us, and it is completely hit-and-miss. Even some addresses which could get Fibre back in May (2023) can no longer get it.

Have tried to converse with Telus on this, usually being told they'd get back to me and getting no follow up. But sometimes they got back to me to confirm I can't get Fibre. It seems they're just checking the addresses with the same Telus website I am?

Can someone please (offline or privately if needed) explain what's going on in St. Andrew's Heights? I swear Telus laid fibre right next to our property. But can't get any insight as to why we can't get it.

I was asking for Fibre long before Telus laid the Fibre. Was asking while they laid the fibre to try ensure we could get it. Saw some neighbors able to get it, and now most but fewer neighbors can still get it. Have wanted fibre since 2020, and I'm under the impression we are never going to get it... but we actually need it.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. As part of the fibre network build process, the fibre itself definitely can be run through cities/towns in preparation for future hook up. While this is the first step, there's unfortunately no definitive timeline I can provide in terms of when the network itself will then be subsequently built to homes, businesses, etc. There's always the possibility that due to the age or wiring of a specific home, issues can arise as well. Rest assured our team completes this process as quickly as possible and you can always reach out directly to that team at 1-844-372-8559 if you'd like to discuss your location with them. They could always look into escalating this as well to get your specific location looked at for any possible reasons as to the hold up.