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Should I maximize the length of fibre or cat5?

I just got fibre installed to the exterior box. The installer said that I should be getting a call from another Telus rep shortly. When the next installer comes by to perform the interior installation, should I ask to have the fibre modem installed a...

unknown computer connected to my modem

After logging into my new Telus Actiontec modem, my Home Network shows all my devices connected including a device called, "unknown" wired computer, After disconnecting all lan connectors from the back of the modem, the home screen for t...

Resolved! Can I use an access point with the t3200m

I live in an apartment about 1200 sqft. My modem/router is setup in one corner of the apartment, the laundry room. I'm not getting a very good connection to my wireless 4k tv boxes. I am also only getting the internet speeds of up to 28 Mbps. I pay f...

Manj by Just Moved In
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Is telus there?

Telus has trashed my email. Please send a temporary password to the or at least contact me.

Chris3 by Advisor
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Pure Optik wifi connection on iPad constantly hangs

When my iPad is in a room other than the one where my main box is located, wifi is slow and stops every couple of minutes. Only way to get it going again is to turn wifi off and on again on iPad. DNS issue? Anyone have suggestions? The Telus chat fun...

Eymho by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! internet

When is Telus upgrading the internet in our area?? Been a customer since 1990 and have live at this location since 2006 without any upgrades. Not cool if you consider the demands of new equipment in this day and age. This is what I get tonight: Ping:...

DVK by Just Moved In
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Resolved! What is the value of "Unlimited Internet?"

I have paid in advance for a full year of internet and home phone service. Every other month or so I get bandwidth "overage" warnings trying to upsell me on "unlimited internet" for an additional $15/mo. which was not an option with my annual plan. W...

dank by Just Moved In
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Internet Outage?

Hello I am in the Marpole area in Vancouver BC. My homes internet just cut out and I cannot find any info if there was an outage or if I was cut off. I’ve tried restarting the modem as it has an orange light on it but the obtik box in our garage also...

Yipper645 by Just Moved In
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