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Use home Ethernet & Improve Wifi - Telus Fibre (ONT & T3200M)

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Hi there. We have a new home that was built with 2 roughed in Ethernet lines, one to the main floor and one to the second floor, both feed individually from the basement panel. We have Telus fibre into the house and the ONT is installed in the basement on the electrical panel wall. We do not have any cable/PVR. Our TS3200M is installed on the main floor & plugged into our main floor Ethernet which is connected directly to the ONT in the basement. The Ethernet line running to the second floor is not connected as I understand the ONT can only handle/run one connection. Great initially as we weren’t really using upstairs much and we had fairly good wifi throughout the house. However since my wife and I both started working from home we noticed our wifi is just not strong enough in certain parts of the house upstairs when we are both on the network and I have been looking into Fixing this. I don’t like range extenders as they have always messed up our network over time & am unsure if just an upgraded router with more range will work. So I have been looking into mesh systems, which seem to possibly be the solution. But before I make that investment I would really like to see if it is possible to create a system where both Ethernet lines are active. Ideally have a form
If wifi router both on the main floor and upstairs, allowing multiple LAN connections in both locations for hardwired things like Apples TV & gaming consoles. And also broadcasting the same wifi network from both locations to ensure no more weak/dead spots in/around the house. Essentially, instead of running a mesh satellite upstairs, with backhaul wirelessly, I run a second router upstairs hardwired into the Ethernet and by doing so I create a home Ethernet network, broadcast the same wifi network from two locations & increase its range/speed etc. is this possible? And if so how do I make this a reality? Or if this is not possible (or easily doable), what’s my best option for setting up an mesh network? Install the T3200M in the basement via a switch, the main mesh satellite on the main floor hardwired to the t3200m via the homes Ethernet and the satellite upstairs? Apologies for the lengthy question & thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

Community Power User
Community Power User

My suggestion:

  • place the T3200M in the basement, connected to the 2 Ethernet cables
  • put a switch on each floor to expand your LAN
  • get the Boost Wi-Fi starter pack, and place one on each floor, connected to the switch.


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Thank you NFtoBC, will give this a go, your solution is a lot easier than I thought it would be!