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New Fibre install, landline does not receive other landline calls.

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Good day,

I am sure many have had the issue I will describe, please be kind if this has been discussed before. 


Got a new Telus Fibre install yesterday.  Having a few issues with the landline.   Out going calls are all good, Optik TV works, incoming cell phone calls are fine, however, incoming landline calls just provide ringing and ringing for the caller and the home phone does not ring however call display does pop up on the TV.  Very odd.  Has anyone had this happen to them? Thank you for any advice and responses.


Community Power User
Community Power User

For any issues like that your best bet is to contact tech support. This likely won't be an issue that can be solved without Telus' involvement.

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@Southside  Maybe some people did. You should have a business card from the tech with his phone # call him back. We are customers only on here. Call in to telus and locate technical support to help you