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VSG1432 - Create VLAN, and Block Internet Access

Hello everyone, I currently have a VSG1432 Wireless Router from Telus. In the VSG1432 Router Settings pages, I notice there is an option to create a VLAN. I am curious if there is a way to create a VLAN and:Allow devices on that VLAN to communicate w...

Resolved! T3200M and Netgear ex2700

Hi everyone, New to Telus and have been having a few issues (I wish my house was wired better) with getting everything set up the way that I want. I was hoping that I could use a TP-Link powerline adapter to set up my optik TV box (it's a 4K VIP5662W...

Dan87 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Is boost wifi compatible with other routers

Will boost wifi work with routers from other providers if I have to leave Telus at some point. Also how would I set up. Does the boost system just name itself to match the name of the router it is plugged into? I ask this as I would not be able to us...

BCResident by Friendly Neighbour
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Disappointing experience with Telus

I had a year long rental where Telus internet was included in my rent. When my lease ended, I took my telus modem to Canada Post, which promptly lost it and Telus kept charging me for internet AND the lost modem although I didn't even live there anym...

pago18 by Just Moved In
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equipment returns

upgraded to fibre now telus wants the old equipment back that the technician took and they want to bill me

Fred21 by Just Moved In
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Bridge mode on VDSL2

Apart from Telus advising the actiontec T3200M can be put into bridge mode please note that this is not truly a bridged modem. As long as the device still performs NAT (which cannot be disabled) and still assigns via DHCP (cannot be disabled) the dev...

Corrco by Neighbour
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Resolved! Boost Wifi seriously acting up - hanging, slow signal

Hi everyone,So I’ve had the boost Wi-Fi extender for a while now and it’s been okay for the most part outside of some weird signal drops occasionally.However now, it’s becoming so bad that I’m ready to throw the things across the room. I’ll be connec...

Internet cuts off

Hi, I have the T3200m for about a year now. Just recently, the internet just starts to drop roughly every 4 hours. That's including WiFi and Lan connections. It comes back after a couple mins or so. Any one have any idea? I already tried restoring to...

Zee21 by Just Moved In
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Purefibre oversubscription?

Hello there, I've recently moved to Kamloops from Abbotsford and noticed that there are fluctuations in my download speeds. I always got advertised speed +30mbps in Abbotsford. It's primarily right around 3 pm and later at midnight or so. I understan...

Parrelium by Friendly Neighbour
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