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Resolved! My WiFi 5g setting has disappeared from available settings

I switched from 2.4g to 5g some time ago, but now my computer is back on 2..4G and the 5g option is not listed as an availlable setting. How do I get back on 5g? Is there something I can do from my end, or do I need to call tech support?

BST by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Lower internet speed when T3200M bridged

I just had my internet service upgraded to Internet 150 on PureFibre in Kelowna. The technician set up the modem in bridge mode, same as my previous T1200. If I connect to the T3200M using 5GHz wireless, I can get 150+ Mbps internet speeds. However, ...

warrenmr by Organizer
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Internet and tv outage?

My cable and internet have been down for over an hour. Trying to call tech support just gets you put on hold for forever. This happened two days ago as well but only for a few minutes.

Resolved! can't access settings foir wifi

we have the originally installed actiontec 1000h and an extender wcb3000n installed later, requested due to difficulties maintaining connections in our densely "telus-wified" neighbourhood;the username is probably still <>:the password is the passwor...

joepi by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Not able to surf my channels

I have always been able to go to a favorite channel, click on it and surf all the shows on that channel. I can't do this now. When I go to my favorites chanels it won't let me me bring one particular chanel up and then scroll through all the shows. R...

Unwanted channel

How do I get rid of a subscribed channel that I was told would be gone, but is still on my bill.

Resolved! Enter Configuration for WEB6000Q

Hi guys, I've been having some issues with my WEB6000Q Wifi Plus device. I had it set to extend my network, but I don't think it's running right. I want to enter the configuration utility to check the settings and potentially restart it, but when I g...

Resolved! PureFibre Field Rep Legitimate?

Hi everyone, I have a security concern that I'd like to verify for, I've been visited twice at home now by a Telus rep inquiring about whether we'd sign up for fibre installations. I live in North Burnaby, BC.Both times that I've been visited have be...

JohnnyC by Just Moved In
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