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2.4 ghz is slow on EA9300 bridged with T3200m

Hey all,

First of all I’m not a techie and I am going absolutely insane trying to fix the slow 2.4ghz wifi at my house. I just bought a Linksys EA9300 and bridged my t3200m so that the Linksys EA9300 can handle the wifi. I turned the wireless radio off on the t3200m and turned on port 1 bridge. I have 940/940 Telus Fibre Internet. After completing this setup: ONT > T3200m > Linksys EA9300m, my wired speed on from the EA9300m is reaching 1gig speeds. My 5ghz network is reaching okay speeds of around 200 mbps upload and 300 mbps download, but the 2.4ghz network is clearly struggling. I am currently getting around 70mbps/70mbps upload and download from the Linksys EA9300. The EA9300 is capable of 750 mbps on the 2.4 ghz network but is barely getting 70 mbps. WHY??? I played with the channels, reset the router, tried nearly everything but nothing worked. I have to keep the t3200m bridged because my optik TVs are plugged into it. I really some help with this, so if anyone could help me that would be very much appreciated!

Thanks guys