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Resolved! Having difficulty with installation of a switch.

Hey all, hoping someone can help me. I decided to go wired on my entertainment stand, instead of the wireless I was using before. So in that vain, I went out and bought a D-Link DGS-1005G switch. I have my DVR, blu-ray player and XBox One on one line...

Zman2k2 by Ambassador
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Flow Control - Actiontec 3200M

Hi everyone, So I seem to be struggling with link speed on my Raspberry Pi hardwired (or via wireless) and one thing that has been said frequently was to ensure flow control is enabled in the router.I have things set up so that my Actiontec is locate...

Guest wifi set up

Hello smart people LOL.I've followed the directions and there is no "guest wifi" section within the wifi tab.These are the directions I've been following for Advanced Wi-Fi Modem (T3200M):Download and login to the app using your My TELUS credentials....

Coral by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Convert landline to Ethernet connection

I live in a 1990's townhouse. There are 5 (perhaps 6) phone jacks throughout my home. I want to convert all but one phone jacks to Ethernet jacks. I checked the phone box on the outside wall and found Ethernet cable is used for phone connection. So t...

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myu by Just Moved In
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Rate Increases Services the Same

There are several discussion about this but nothing changes. My next billing for internet is a 10% increase again like they did last year. You don't get 10% improved services or data. Really I have the data I need but would like to see the prices go ...

Ray67 by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Home Wiring Help Needed

Hi, hoping someone can help. TELUS rewired one of my jacks a long time ago. The jack/wall plate got damaged over time. I tried to find the same jack but couldn't. Was hoping to just replicate the connection. TELUS rewired one line to split into Phone...

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Resolved! phone service

I am able to receive calls, but am unable to phone out. Does anyone else have same issues? Does anyone have a solution?

pappa134 by Just Moved In
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