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Best Internet connection for gaming

i only have internet 50 in my home and when i search for the best it just show the internet 50 i mean.. is there a way to increase my speed? i’m really having a hard time connecting cuz it keeps disconnecting on me.

Community Power User
Community Power User

When most games are connected you could easily get away with a 15mbps connection or less, and still have no issues. I have 25mbps and zero issues when gaming other than the downloads taking a while.


Faster speed does mean faster downloads though. Increasing speed all depends on what is available in your area. If you don't have fibre in your area, your options are likely limited for now.


Your connection speed won't have anything to do with you being disconnected. That is a symptom of a different problem.


  • Are you connected through wifi or ethernet?
  • Are you connecting to Telus' router or do you have your own?
  • PC or console? If console, which one?
  • Are you getting disconnected at specific times or just at random?
  • Which games are you playing?
  • Do all of the games you play have the same disconnection issue or just specific one(s)?
  • Do you notice any disconnections when you are NOT playing a game?

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