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Online Security Added onto Bill

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue... I had an 'online security' charge on my bill for Norton Antivirus (a service that I have never used)... unfortunately, for the last two years.I didn't notice since the bill was essentially the same as wh...

maddie01 by Just Moved In
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NH20A - How to disable full bridge mode?

I set the NH20A to full bridge mode while testing a 3rd party router (that I learned is faulty). Now I am trying to log back into the modem (or whatever the bleep this restrictive piece of junk is) so that I can shut off the bridge mode setting. I am...

BuddyBren by Friendly Neighbour
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Internet schedules

I recently had a Telus pure fibre modem and router installed. I have the Telus Connect app, have created profiles for my family members, and have added devices. There is no option for adding schedules on the profiles. How can I add schedules? (I have...

Gstohler by Neighbour
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House Pre-wired Ethernet Outlets not working

Our house has pre-wired ethernet cables and outlet/ports in the wall (Figure 4). Only 3 of them work, and I'm trying to get one of the others working. Two of the working ones is in the same outlet plate, so similar to Figure 4, but with 2 blue outlet...

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Telus 5G line install - worksite is unlocked and danger

It's concerning to see how many posts there are on this page, reporting issues with the 5g line install in so many Calgary neighborhoods. Thankfully work has FINALLY come to an end in Beddington Heights however, but there have been many many poor job...

canaus by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Working with the ZTE MC8010CA and ZTE MC7010CA

I recently changed to telus for my rural internet, they supplied an Outdoor Unit (ODU): ZTE MC7010CA, and Indoor Unit(IDU): ZTE MC8010CA. I have been trying to log into the indoor unit and find out what IPs have been allocated by the MC8010CA to vari...

colinmcc by Neighbour
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Fiber install hole for a year

Telus started the fiber upgrade in my neighborhood last summer. They have left me with a huge hole in my yard since last July. It extends beyond the easement as well. Its about 4'x6' and 8' deep with half a dozen small pieces of plywood dumped on top...

justin5 by Just Moved In
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Boost WiFi

Does Telus still sell the Boost WiFi extenders? If they don't, I found someone on Craigslist that is selling his. Assuming they are still in working condition, is there any danger in installing a used Boost WiFi (i.e. security issues) and will it be ...

garyyu17 by Organizer
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My Own Router and the T3200M

So because my 5Ghz WiFi signal keeps dropping and I have many WiFi devices at our home, I've decided to get my own router. We have Optik TV and I'm wondering if I did that, would I have to keep the WiFi SSID turned on in my Telus T3200M modem? The ne...

garyyu17 by Organizer
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