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Keeping Telus Email Address

Where my elderly Mom lives, the Telus infrastructure is very old, and the best internet service she can get is Telus Internet 15. She would like to switch to cable internet, but is worried about losing her Telus email address. Is there a way to keep ...

Latency Spikes Surrey/White Rock

Getting insanely high latency spikes and disconnects recently in the south surrey white rock area. My firend, whom is currently with telus as well in a different home about 3kms away, is getting the spikes at the exact same times as me. Anyone else h...

Please help - home internet usage error

I am away on a work trip for three months. No one is at home. I'm not renting it out at all. Recently, I checked the Telus app, and my home internet shows usage of 1800 GB. This makes no sense to me. I even got my parents to unplug all my Telus machi...

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Chisairi by Just Moved In
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Telus 75

Any one have a link to internet 75 pricing?My current plan is internet 25 but its horse and buggy with 4 people under the same roof. About 2 months ago I checked and it said to upgrade it would only be an extra 5$A month. I've checked everywhere but ...

Kripticc by Neighbour
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Bad Customer Service.

Telus has been my provider of home internet since 2013 when I moved to Fort McMurray, AB, and now I have added mobility service with Telus because I thought Telus provided good customer service, but I was wrong. For my home internet, I have a Telus 1...

Telus Fiber With Ubiquity Dream Router

I recently purchased a Ubiquity Dream Router and am unable to connect the device to the fiber modem. When I do it notes no internet. I spoke to Telus and they were escalating it and then unfortunately our call was disconnected. I have a Tplink Deco M...

P_R by Just Moved In
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above-ground pedestal box

Mod Edit - personal informationSep 18, 2023, 11:06 MDTHi,Mod Edit - personal information There is a green iron box seems like a cable box ,which has been broken for long time , and you can see the photo I took in the attachment. Could you help me to ...

Resolved! IPV6 Help

I'm trying to set up IPv6 connection on an T3200M but I'm only getting "No network access" error. I'm not sure where else to start to get this fixed (called and they said they didn't know either). Also using a D-Link DGS-105 switch and an Alcatel-Luc...

hoantrinh by Friendly Neighbour
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