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Transfer of Home Landline Telephone Number

My 93 year old grandfather recently moved 12 km closer into town (Kelowna). As a result, he needed to setup a landline phone at his new house. He wanted to keep his telephone number that he has had for the past 60 years, for which all his friends use...

Internet conection drops out

I have a desktop PC hardwired to a telus modem T3200M and 6-7 laptops/cellphones/printer connected to the same modem through a 2.4g and 5g WiFi.Time after time the connection to internet is lost either on my PC or from other devices connected through...

T1m by Just Moved In
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No internet (red light no fibre connection / error)

Hey guys, I need help. My telus wifi hub router is not working as the Wifi signal is blue but the internet is red with the detailed sign as (no fibre connection/error) I don’t know how to help fix this. I restarted the router unplugging it and back b...

Is there a TELUS Wi-Fi Hub manual available?

I just had the Telus Fibre installed at home and I am thrilled. The Router installed is a TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan). Well, I have configured it with LAN 1 in Bridge mode and I have a few questions:1. Although I am receiving a public IP on my router/...

ianmouse by Just Moved In
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I subscribe to Crave and HBO through Telus but can’t access them through TV+ app. Is that by design and have to watch through the Crave app?

normvi by Organizer
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Fibre Internet Coming to Langdon?

Is there any plans to have fibre internet come to the other subdivisions in langdon and if so when? I see there's fibre internet within the Subdivision of Painted Sky in Langdon. Is there a timeline for the installation? Fortis is doing a power cable...

Resolved! False Advertising? Telus Pure Fibre 1.5Gbps

Dear all, I just wanted to let you know about a recent experience with Telus. I recently purchased a service from Telus that was advertised as having a speed of 1.5Gbps. However, upon receiving my customer equipment, I discovered that the data ports ...

BitwiseOp by Friendly Neighbour
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Telus network hub with easymesh

I just got my Telus 300 installed. It has a network access hub and a wifi 6 booster. It has easymesh which is new to me. And I got confused so far, I hope I can find some answers here.First, the booster connected and I see it showed under easymesh, w...

wyx2000 by Just Moved In
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