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Internet Speed drastically slow

I have fiber connection (940/940 up/down). My internet location was pointing to Lower mainland. 2 weeks back, i noticed my location was changed to Prince George and my internet speed reduced significantly. For past 3 days I am in discussion with vari...

Dineyar by Just Moved In
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Altima telecom removal from Telus deal

I have recently been having a bunch of issues with Altima telecom, with internet being down for a full day and only intermittent access today. I am quite disappointed with the reliability of Altima and I want them removed from my services, but I want...

SDIR by Just Moved In
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Technicolor NAH - support flow control?

I was wondering if anyone knows if the 10g port on the Technicolor NAH supports flow control?I am having issues with my Synology RT6600ax router and Synology support is asking me to find out if the Technicolor modem supports flow control.I currently ...

Resolved! Bundle with Telus Internet for good

Is it possible to bundle TELUS Internet for good with Optik TV / Home Phone? We have a family member on AISH who qualifies for TELUS inexpensive Internet for good packages, but they would want some options for television as well.

mervincm by Organizer
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Internet Plans Not Available at our Address

Our house was built in 2015, with two attached dwellings replacing an old single house. When I check out available plans, it indicates that there is no fibre availability (it only offers lame low-speed service), but when I enter my neighbour's addres...

dwoodbury by Just Moved In
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3rd Party Router and Optik TV

Hi there, I am new to working with Telus and am looking for information about how the modem situation works. I am planning on installing Unifi network equipment for my client. My initial thought would be to completely take out the T3200m, take the WA...

Telus Vault in my Driveway

I moved into my new build home back in early July and noticed that there is a Telus vault (concrete flat slab) that extends about 2 feet into driveway (unpaved). I have been trying to talk to Telus through my builder and developer to have the vault r...

wadesha by Neighbour
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