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How do you cancel Telus Home Voice Mail?

Simple as that. Need to cancel this ‘feature’ as it is creating problems with critical Medical appointments and other urgent matters. History: Prior to being forced to Fibre our stand-alone answering machine would flash a red light if a message was l...

Caroline2 by Just Moved In
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Moving my services in a few weeks. Why did you give me a new 2 year agreement when all I wanted was to move my tv and internet? Now you want me to stay for 2 more years because I am moving? No thank you!

dsmithbc by Just Moved In
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Horrible Experience

On Dec 22 my mother passed away and on the 24th I called to cancel her cell phone, home phone and HS.I had to talk to 4 agents and spend about 3 hours to achieve this goal. the first agent disconnect my cell phone instead of my mother’s cell phone. I...

Resolved! can i replace my modem?

Hi Im 14 (so i dont know that much about fiber)I have a server at home that I would like to use as a "ONT"/"router" could I replace the TELUS "wifi hub" with my server?(in other words use my own material instead of TELUS material) thanks for the repl...

I don't seem to have service...

I'm a new customer and I had service for a bit while the technician that installed was still here but after that no more.So I logged into the Network Access Hub and found this diagram Do you know what do I need to do to have service - Internet connec...

Screenshot 2024-01-08 211903.png

Rotary Dial Phone

I have a 1970's Palco made in Canada black rotary dial phone with 6 wires coming out of the original black cord: black blue red green yellow and white. Does anyone know how to connect/convert this so I can use it with a modern telephone jack in the w...

Port forwarding not working T3200M

I have looked through posts but I am having issues getting my ports to forward, Port: 8766, 27016 and 9700 They are just staying closed, I have done both it for both TCP and UDP for the device I am using. Are these ports blocked? My firewall on my ro...

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