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Bad Driving by Telus Employees

I was waiting behind a Telus service vehicle to turn right at the intersection of 85 Street and Connors Road in Edmonton. It is a right turn only lane. Despite breaks in the traffic on Connors Road, the Telus service vehicle in front of me did not tu...

Telus Illegal Turn.jpg
HARABB by Just Moved In
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Telus Intermet serice agreement issue

HI, please advice and point me in right direction of what to do in this case. i found someone offering a good deal on marketplace for telus i talked to guy and got the internet connection (so far good) then i recieved service agreement bu...

chet by Just Moved In
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My SONOS will not link to my network. It requires 2.4 GHZ and my network is 5 GHZ. Can this be changed?

hcanders by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Still no Fiber ;(

My 2-year term for my internet, PikTV, landline is coming to an end soon. I was hoping to be connected to Fiber by now, but it did not happen in time. Will I be able to switch to Fiber mid-term ... assuming it will finally get to my house (Esquimalt)...

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