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LAN connection when bridging

Hello I have a T3200M gateway from Telus. I want to add a different router. I understand that I can bridge my T3200M and then connect my new router to LAN 1. I assume by doing this the WI Fi signal from my T3200M is turned off.What I am wondering is ...

LR1 by Just Moved In
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Getting Telus into my area

I live a 2 min drive outside Calgary where there is only satellite service for both internet and tv. I live on an acreage with 30 other homes in the immediate area. Is there a way or specific contact info I can find to ask about getting services into...

Third party Offer on RFD (Canada)

Was sent a PM on RFD after asking about the offers for Calgary area. And the guy offered me the following which seems better than what is offered on the website for Telus. Just wondering if anyone knows if it's legit or perhaps a scam setup or someth...

thalakar by Organizer
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False advertising

On Feb 23 I called into Telus to change my internet service. I was offered the Fiber300 with the wifi6 equipment. It was to be delivered last week. The catch is I had to sign into a 2 year contract to get the deal. A week and a bit has gone by no equ...

Smart hub

Was thinking about upgrading my lte smarthub to a 5g hub. After talking to an agent, to get the same service, 500gig/25mbps, at the same price, I would have to spend $480 on new equipment. Seems pointless doesn't it? or is it just me?. lol

hopper146 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Change default name and password of 2.4G ssid

I recently discovered, through reading through previous posts, about how to enable a specific 2.4G wifi network through my B20T AP Booster. ( I had to provide a specific 2.4G wifi to allow my collection of IoT devices in my home to reconnect to my ne...

RobG3987 by Advocate
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Very low quality of connection

Has anyone been going through the same pain. I've spent 3 hours on the phone with tech, but it became only worse.Same with mobility - telus tech is calling me but cannot get through. I am in a regular house, no highrise around me.

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