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ADSL/LTE still in 2023?

So here we are just outside Calgary with Fibre and 5G in new developments within sight of our home but looks like nothing will ever be done to upgrade us as obviously too costly for poor Telus to hook in about 60 properties in our area community. I s...

ADSL-LTE by Just Moved In
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Package in mail

I was sent a package from Telus in the mail with equipment to finish setting up my internet but I never received it and it was returned to sender. I’ve tried calling Telus but no one has helped me. Will the package be sent out again?

transfer Inernet service/TV temporarily

Our family is going to move out from the home to another place for renovation around 3 months. We hope to transfer the current Telus Internet/TV to the new place for 3 months and tranfer back after the renovation. How I can do?

Townhouse fiber optic access issue

I have been wanting to have Fiber Optic for years. To this day, my unit still cannot get it. I do not want to stuck with SHAW. But all my neighbors in my complex are all with Telus Fiber Optic. Is there a reason why my unit cannot get access to it bu...

cocobeex by Just Moved In
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Utility Box Damaged

There is a damaged utility box in my neighborhood (missing door, wires exposed). Can I please be provided a contact number or email to report this.

sjssjs by Just Moved In
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Philips hue Bridge wont connect

Help!! I just moved in and very excited to set up my new Philips hue smart lights. I plugged in the bridge to my router and the 3rd light (to show connected to internet) is blinking. I tried searching the forums for answers and tried to usual suspect...

tsnow8 by Just Moved In
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