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Intermittent internet

We moved within our small city beginning of February.. modem was in dining room .. said couldn’t be moved. Home office is 3 bedroom furthest away from modem. Internet is intermittent every day. They have changed modem. Put in a booster. I’m fed up wi...

Maisie by Just Moved In
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Telus Connect App - Remote Access

Is it possible to configure the T300M / Boosters to allow remote access via the Telus Connect App? Would be interested in having the ability to enable or disable devices and schedules while outside local wifi via cellular data. Thanks.

Chrisq by Friendly Neighbour
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check phone line notice on phone

My telephone line came unplugged from the modem. I have tried to plug it back into the modem but I still get the "check phone line" message. It doesn't seem to matter which spot I plug the line into, it still won't work. I have unplugged all lines fo...

terry1915 by Just Moved In
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Add another router to ONT

I have the Telus Wifi Hub/Modem connected to LAN1 on the ONT. What I am wondering is can I connect my Telus T3200 to LAN2 on the ONT just for one dedicated PC separate from the Wifi hub?

Davyseal by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Blacklisted Telus IP address

HelloI am having email bounce back from and when I checked with the web site host, Shaw Business, they were able to determine that my IP address is being Blacklisted by all Hostopia Providers. I am sending the email thru my business...

seanF by Neighbour
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Can't change address in profile to receive refund

I've moved to another city and switched to Shaw. I just checked my final Telus bill and because my bill is prepaid there is a nice refund coming to me. The problem is, Telus shut down my account options such as changing my address so now the refund w...

MMG41 by Just Moved In
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Telus Support Call Back

I appreciate the option to have support call me back instead of having to wait on the phone.However, the purpose of call back is completely defeated when I receive the call back and then I am immediately put ON HOLD (today 15 minutes, previously over...

Steve7 by Just Moved In
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PureFibre Installation Ground Repair Needed

I am not a current Telus customer but that shouldn't matter. The neighborhood PureFibre installation has left 2 significant holes in my front yard and damage to the public sidewalk. I attempted to report these issues to Telus nearly 2 months ago. The...

GB123 by Just Moved In
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