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Resolved! Losing signal on our Internet and TV.

We keep losing signal on both internet and TV. On internet, computer keeps searching for signal. TV has message on screen that says, check connection. I also have Kasperski Anti Virus installed on my computer and it can no longer do its checks automa...

Billy1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Straight to voicemail

HelloRecently my home phone has started going straight to voicemail. I do not know how this happened and would love some help to allow the telephone to ring.Thanks!

Typ0mum by Neighbour
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I have out of service on my internet for a week and called for me back for that..then never hear anything back.

MyraDave by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Fiber network switch

Can the fiber network switch be used as the router? I currently have fiber coming in from the street to our smart panel in the basement (where all the CAT5e's end up). Telus installed the fiber switch in there as well as the wifi router. obviously ha...

Kev12345 by Organizer
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Support !!!!

I have had so many problems with Telus and love the word 'Communication!'. We had emails, and phone calls and a technician came out to fix the tv! The communication was awful, one manager, I believe Michele was her name , had no customer experience a...

Resolved! forgot me

I've been a telus client for 40+ years and this year when I picked up the new directory my name was missing from the white pages.After trying for 3 days I finally got through to someone.She couldn't give me a reason why I had been missed but said it ...

look-out by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Fibre Install from Yesterday

Hi, I just had Fibre installed yesterday and have a few questions. Thought I would check here to see if anyone else has experienced the same. Quick background on house. 10 yrs. old, in an older area where newer houses are slowly replacing older ones....

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.JPG
DanJ by Just Moved In
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