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Internet and WiFi Fail


How do I stop WiFi and internet from cutting in and out???


Community Power User
Community Power User

A little more detail about the configuration of your network would allow us to better help you.


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Im having the same problem for the past month. Ive been using ethernet forever and never had issues with games and such but all of a sudden my ping is good sometimes and bad sometimes. When it is good it is consistent and never get packet loss. I check my packet loss on windows powershell and it is at a 4 percent packet loss. I contacted Telus and they told me to check my speeds and my speeds were fine but I think there is a problem over at Telus maybe im wrong but a lot of my friends that also use Telus are having the same problem with Ethernet and their wifi cuts out in some places. When im right next to my router, my internet is really bad and I dont know why. This ping problem is also unbearable at this point. I was wondering if anyone could help me out because I dont know anymore. I have also reset my modem and router several times over the past month