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Gig Fibre Upload - 0.0?

I can't figure out why hardwired in, with a 1 Gig service I'm getting no upload speed at all? Speed tested with different apps, power cycled and checked all connections - no dice.

Telus Booster

I see my booster in the Telus Connect app, but now I want to login to its admin interface using my browser. The password on the back of the booster unit doesn't work - any ideas?

Thu Aug 04, 2022 4-05-06 PM.png

Downed Fibre Line

Hi Telus. Our fibre is down and has been hanging onto the street disrupting traffic all day. Of course, we have had no service…interest, Optic TV, home phone…all day as well.After a combined four hours ofcalling/emailing/on line form submission/Faceb...

Fibre Service

Just wondering if or when Telus Fibre will be available in the St Albert Ab, neighborhood of Woodlands?

Redwood56 by Just Moved In
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Fiber cable but only 75Mbps plan

Hi there,I am moving to an apartment. The previous tenant told us he was using TELUS with Fiber Cable. But When I try to apply a plan from the TELUS website. The highest plan is 75Mbps. I want something > 500Mbps. And Shaw offer 1.5Gbps in my apartme...

liliass by Helpful Neighbour
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Internet 75 speed

I have Internet 75 on a two year contract with unlimited data. In the past the down load and up load speeds were typically about 80Mbps. When I checked yesterday and today I got about 150Mpbs both up and down. I checked my plan and it still said Inte...

Kent2 by Advisor
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change of residence address

if I sign a contract with the company for two years, but my apartment lease is only for 6 months, can I then move the Internet router to another apartment without problems?

Anzhelika by Just Moved In
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Fiber Optic availability in Crofton BC?

As the title suggests I am moving to Crofton on the south east side of Vancouver Island and I am wondering if Telus has extended their fiber optic network to Crofton? Using the search tool on their website shows my new address as suitable with fiber ...

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