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How to stop Telus Agents from Calling me

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Seems I get a sales call from a Telus rep a couple times a week. I don't know why I cannot be put on a list to DO NOT CALL ME! I do not want Telus Service. I Have a Rogers phone that I am very happy with and as for TV and Internet me and the people I live with Greatly Prefer Shaw for the Better User Interface, Easier Network Management and the Voice command Remote. 
I know how to reach Telus should I decide I would like their service. 
How do i get my number on a telus DO NOT CALL list? I am so sick of getting these sales calls. 
I swear the next one I get I'm going to take the number and the agents name and I will report Telus to the police for Harassment. I have asked MANY times to NOT be called and I still get calls on a regular basis. 
Your sales team is crap, Your services are crap and I do NOT WANT THEM. STOP CALLING ME! It really shouldn't be THIS hard of a request!



Are you sure it's from a TELUS rep? There are many scams by people claiming to be reps from phone companies, banks, CRA, etc.

Community Power User
Community Power User

It's unfortunate that Shaw/Rogers doesn't have a free call blocking feature as effective as Call Control that Telus offers. That blocks all of the robocalls that those scammers make, includign those pretending to be Telus. Shaw does have a half baked attempt at a spam call block but it still lets the scam calls get to your voicemail.

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Block their number. They won't stop calling me as well to try to convert me. Tried out Koodo and had spotty reception and dropped calls for a year and just paid them out to leave. Not worth the headache.