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Constantly harassed by door to door salespeople


I am beyond frustrated with Telus and at the point now where I actively go out of my way to steer friends/family away from every using Telus as a provider for anything. 


I have lived at my new apartment for 8 months now and have had THREE interactions with Telus salespeople and marketers. Again today, on September 15th, 2023 there were two Telus employees waiting and sitting around INSIDE my "secured" apartment building when I got home from work and they promptly stopped me. I told them I had a dinner reservation and needed to get going so I pushed past them, they watched what unit I went to.


I returned from my dinner reservation with my wife and to my surprise AT 6:34PM IN THE EVENING they were watching me return from dinner and come knocking on my door harassing me yet again. This is completely unacceptable and the guy would not take no for an answer until I started getting aggressive and rude with him and cursing him out. 


Telus figure your f***** company out because I am beyond fed up with this constant harassment and police officials will start being called on these idiot goofs knocking on my door late at night. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

They should not be inside a secured building. You should be complaining to the property manager of your building also. @dru may want some details to try figure out who was in your building. I've never once had a Telus door to door employee in my building. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Generally speaking, the guidelines for our reps is to not loiter in residential buildings unless they've specifically recieved permission from the building manager or strata council beforehand. 

@Jake17 I can definitely send feedback about your interaction. I'll be sending you a private message as a follow-up.


Same thing, they had Acquisition Group sales people come to our building to promote "deals".

Their folks quote different prices during the day as I was coming home from work and then came down later again. Had the same guy try to tell me a higher price point and sell me into a package I had no need for. Check out the whistle blowers on Reddit if you want more experience with harassment even internally.