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Resolved! Internet Speed

Internet and home phone on fibre along with Optik TVI'm being billed for Telus Internet 150 but the Speedtest shows Download = 93.75 and upload = 93.62. How should I proceed? Thank you. Paul

Resolved! Alarm system loses dial tone on Home Phone

On telus fibre with home phone using the fibre.Yesterday the alarm system 'lost' dial tone' and starts it's 'trouble beep'. Other house phones also had no dial tone. Yesterday morning this was at 0430 so I turned off the alarm sound. Later, at a more...

Resolved! DAC Compatible with T3200

I've got a setup at home, where I have my Fibre going into a Mikrotik CRS305-1G-4s+IN, then split between my UDM and my Telus T3200. I originally had the Fibre directly to my UDM, but because it only can negotiate at 1Gbps (UDM limitation), I added t...

sharkannon by Friendly Neighbour
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1 moth to transfer Telus services

Hi all,Just wondering. Does anyone have the same experience?I tried to transfer Telus services to the new address.I started to call Telus December 7th 2021 and it took them 1 week to confirm that PureFibre is available to my address. I think it’s bec...

Slow internet speed

I have been paying for 5G 300 mbps and only get 60-100mbps. I have tried to get help from Telus with no luck. Their overseas emplyoyees could not find their way out of a wet paper bag. I wonder how many of thei customers have had this problem. We sig...

Teddydog by Just Moved In
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Modem does a Random reset lose connection on all Wi-Fi devices Takes up to an hour for complete restoration Boosters take the longest to come back

trowe50 by Friendly Neighbour
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Router interface bug reports

I recently discovered a bug in the web interface of a supported router. What is the best way to report this issue to Telus? The regular "Contact Us" methods appear to be more for general service and not device-specific issue reports.

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