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Resolved! IPV6 Help

I'm trying to set up IPv6 connection on an T3200M but I'm only getting "No network access" error. I'm not sure where else to start to get this fixed (called and they said they didn't know either). Also using a D-Link DGS-105 switch and an Alcatel-Luc...

hoantrinh by Friendly Neighbour
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Constantly harassed by door to door salespeople

I am beyond frustrated with Telus and at the point now where I actively go out of my way to steer friends/family away from every using Telus as a provider for anything. I have lived at my new apartment for 8 months now and have had THREE interactions...

Jake17 by Just Moved In
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How to stop Telus Agents from Calling me

Seems I get a sales call from a Telus rep a couple times a week. I don't know why I cannot be put on a list to DO NOT CALL ME! I do not want Telus Service. I Have a Rogers phone that I am very happy with and as for TV and Internet me and the people I...

StinsmanJ by Just Moved In
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internet router

so my ex-roommate just up and cancelled the WiFi on us so were without Wifi for mine and my wife's first weekend off and at home in 2 months. id really like to just use the router that is plugged into my wall instead of waiting for a new one that is ...

weegaffer by Just Moved In
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Resolved! FXA5000

Does the FXA5000 Smart Hub have internal battery backup in case of a power outage?

mrrob77 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Some traffic seems slower than others

I noticed during my trial of purefiber that some services I use appear to be slower than when I use those same services on another internet connection.Does telus throttle or change the speed of some protocols on the pure fiber network?

Kyl by Helpful Neighbour
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Buying Sim Card

Dear Sir or Madam, HiI am Hamed Moradian, an international university student at UCW. My wife and I are arriving in Vancouver in December 2023. My university begins in January 2024. After I arrive, I would like to buy SIM cards and a phone for my wif...

Resolved! Graffitied Utility Box - Request to be Wrap

There is a utility box service right across from my bedroom window across the streets just beside a Elementary school, lots of bulgar writing on it and its highly inappropriate for the kids to see while walking by. Could someone please butifify my ne...

Tonixzmac by Just Moved In
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