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T1200h Usb Dnla Support

anyone out there get dnla working off the usb on their t1200h gateway?option is there and with drive connected shows on my xbox and phone, not on computer. however it is only showing a few videos and pictures but missing most of it. like it isnt mapp...


Just ran another speed test on my phone and tablet 43.97mbps and 14.92 upspeed Mbps with 3 TVs on high def and two tablets on 5g..dam that's good can't match that...ask for 50,get 60 Mbps,that's how you keep costumers happy..

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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Resolved! optic TV and internet

Question, people with HD TVs, do you have you setting on 720p or 1080i,my tech put it on 720p,just wondering if I should put on 1080i..

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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again telus misses the boat

with 5 hghz built in to the t199h why does telus not enable it and drop your rang extenders, seems like a smart thing to do for cost savings, or is that why, telus hasn't figured out out to save money while crippling devices?

optic TV and internet

Just move my internet from 25 to 50 and wow what a difference got the new t1200 and another receiver witch makes 4 in my house all running and still have 42 Mbps and 13 up speed.Running 5g on two tablets and wife on laptop,when nothing running I have...

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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How can I save or download a message I received on the old VoiceMail system?

lorddoug by Just Moved In
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hockey blackouts

Hi...Is it common for hockey games on TSN channels to be blacked out? The Ottawa game and a few others were blacked out last night on TSN channels. I want to subscribe to Sportsnet Pacific, East and Ontario. Do they black out Canucks games on Pacific...

Resolved! Home telephone does not hangup correctly

Just switched to Optik from Shaw. Now we have problems with our old phones not hanging up and keeping the line busy. After net search discovered a good test is to plug phone directly into the Optical network box in my garage. Phones --both corded and...

mtn by Advisor
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Lag Spikes on a 25mbit connection. HELP!

I've been having trouble with my latency on my connection for some time, but in the last 2 days it has become extreme. Any games that require a constant internet connection have become unplayable due to constant spike in latency. This is not just lim...

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