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Telus to cancel my 3rd party services


I've had Telus phone services for many years, but just switched my Internet from Shaw and TV from Bell as part of their current promotion.  Telus installer came last week to hook up my services.  Telus rep said they would cancel my old Internet and TV services on my behalf.  Anyone have experience with this part to know how long this will normally take?  Do I need to follow-up with Telus to make sure this happens?  


I just received my bills Shaw and Bell bills that I plan to pay just in case, as I don't want any late charges.  Thanks in advance.



If it was me I'd follow up myself. While TELUS may cancel your old services they certainly won't pay any outstanding balances for you. You will need to make sure you are all square with your previous carrier anyway to protect your credit rating.

I just got off the phone with Bell and they said that I'd need to phone in to cancel my services.  They said they would not take cancellation requests from another provider.  Strange that Telus would say they would cancel my services for me.  Oh well, now to phone up Shaw.