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What should I do?

Hi, my name is KyrstenI wanted to ask this question because I am new to tell us mobility and has a new customer. It has been nothing but terrible. I have been with Telus internet services for years and I used to always be able to get through to them....

SK_Mag by Neighbour
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Can-US Plan iPhone settings?

Sorry for the dumb question, I just recently signed up for a CAN-US plan and I was wondering how the roaming thing works. As per the Telus app, easy roam is enabled.. According to the Telus site, I will not be charged the daily roaming fee because of...

T4r604 by Just Moved In
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Wifi calling never works

I have starlink satellite internet and it seems that wifi calling doesn’t want to activate 90% of the time and I don’t know what else to do. I contacted support and they do some resets and it starts to work. Next day same issue. Works great with work...

Kman82 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Speaking With An Agent

I have not been able to either receive or send a text message on my phone since 7 February 2023 and in trying to call I get the automated system which wants to send a text message in order to help me connect, which I can't receive. I try Telus Assist...

MyTelus App Not logging in

Whenever I attempt to log in to the MyTelus app I input my login information and it gets accepted then the app just loads (does the 3 dot thing) forever and never logs in. Anyone else having this issue? Is it only on Android or potentially only on my...

Jfyfe by Just Moved In
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MY Elderly father, is being charged for long distance. He returns calls to scam numbers. thinking it is someone looking for him. I have shut off the long distance and international calling four times. It is continuing. he is fixed income and getting ...

TRUDYB by Just Moved In
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