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MyChoice Plans

In the MyChoice plan for data there is 4 + 3GB data for 15$, what is that? How many GB of data would you have if you got it?Also there are only choices for calling & data, would that mean the plan consist of unlimited texting?

Resolved! 1+2 gig plan info?

I'm looking at the black Friday deal that offers 1+2 gig a month for $30 on the two year cell plan. Does this mean you have 3 gigs of data every month or a 2 gig buffer that disappears after its used?

Tom33 by Just Moved In
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Future Date Activation of Devices over holidays?

Spent several hours today (Black Friday) on hold for TELUS customer care (2x30min waits and 1x1hr 15mins wait) including getting dropped off the web queue online with 43 people ahead of me.. went back into the queue with 114 people ahead me.. after s...

Smart Hub Availability

I live in the Cariboo and am having issues with getting smart hub service.I live 4km from a real internet providers limits, and there are neighbors on the LTE hub plans ON MY STREET, yet the service is "not available in my area". I get a solid 25mbps...

Bluesuits by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Buy Starter 10 and stop Simple 22

is it not possible to select a plan from the website? I searched everywhere to buy Starter 10 and cancel Simple 22 as it expires today. I have already added $25 to my account balance with problem, where do I click next?

pebaudhi by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Ordering a phone online ; credit

After I out in all my info, it asks to pay now the price of the device with a 2 year contract aka 350$ for the iPhone 8+.. my question is : after I pay that and it turns out I have bad credit or no credit what happens?? I don't mind paying if I'm ass...

Resolved! Galaxy s7 not working in belize

According to the telus website digi cell network is suppose to work w telus in belize.I have a galaxy s7 and when I scan for networks manually I only see BTL and SMART networks.... I'm with other people that can scan and lock onto digi cell...I don't...

Resolved! telus roaming rates info while

Hi, can some tell where I can find the Telus roaming rates while I am traveling,I know calling Canada cover under my plan, how about calling other countries, While Romaing.

CaptinS by Neighbour
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Wait times are insane

The wait times to talk to someone about my service are insane! We pay such large bills yet have to wait over an hour just to talk to someone. Are they hoping we just get frustrated and give up? Gone are the days where someone would answer your call w...

New Cell Service for Remote Community

I can't seem to get an answer from Telus on this question I have. I heard that there is a new device that can be put on the telephone / hydro poles that is replacing the 'tower' for cell service in remote areas. I want to talk with someone at Telus t...

tc by Just Moved In
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