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Easy Roam triggered without any usage

We just returned from the US and noticed that my wife's phone had 5 days of Easy Roam charges even though data roaming was turned off on her phone. My account showed no airtime and no data usage for those days. One of the charges I've resolved and wa...

xray by Hero
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Resolved! Shareable data

Hi, I added a tablet to my account with an existing phone plan with 3+4gb shareableI chose the 1gb shareable plan for the tablet. I am not sure how it workswhat will happens if the tablet reach and goes over 1gb ? i planned at the start to use it wit...

Maxgolf01 by Just Moved In
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Wifi calling for Samsung s10

Hi there just wondering if anyone else is having issues activating wifi calling on their Samsung s10? I've tried for 3 days and still can't get it to work. It goes through the whole setup process and after it says registering it still won't turn on. ...

Shey73 by Organizer
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Call Block Wireless Home Phone

I recently switched from the regular Home Phone service to the Wireless Home Phone service. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be the Call Block feature available on Wireless Home Phone as there is on regular Home Phone. Because there isn't a cell p...

jrueger by Ambassador
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All of sudden Telus blacklisted my phone and cant recover it.

Telus Mobility without any reason blacklisted my phone. I made numerous attempts to contact Telus to make arrangements. Nonetheless, you blacklisted my IMEI as lost or stolen although I never reported it. They did not even care to warn me. Day after ...

Dr_Victor by Helpful Neighbour
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Share plans

What happens if the main subscriber moves to a different account after 2yrs? Will this cancel the 2nd subscriber? Will the 2nd subscriber be changed to a different plan?

Ajudy by Just Moved In
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International usage

When traveling internationally and you are charged only when you use the phone for 24hrs what time zone do I use, home or destination?

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