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2 bars, LTE but data come and goes (mostly goes)

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I’m trying to understand the data behaviour at our cottage (1h north of Gatineau Quebec). It seems like a data throttling problem and not a connection/signal problem…

My iPhone 12 Pro shows LTE with two bars but my data is usually not working at all. I do speed tests and it’s either between 25-30mbps OR zero (never in between). Websites will work fine due 5 minutes and then stop loading XI Pleyel y for 30 minutes (sometimes hours). My wife is on Koodo with and iPhone 8 and has the same issues. There are two bell towers nearby and from what I read Telus shares its towers with Bell. However when my mother in law visits with her Bell connection (iPhone XR) she has no issues at all.

What I’d like to know is whether I have options to improve this. I sometimes go oncall for work and would love to just bring my laptop to the cottage instead of staying home for the weekend. I would like to avoid switching to Bell but if this is some kind of throttling/capacity/priority gimmick at the tower then I’m sure a range extender wouldn’t help at all. Is my only option to switch providers?

Another interesting point is that my Tesla’s connectivity also seems to work fine there. I think those are on Rogers in canada?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus doesn't have many cell towers outside of Gatineau. There are a couple in Maniwaki but unless you're near them, you're likely on Bell's towers. Your best bet is to call in to Telus mobility tech support. They'll need to know about the issue so it can be investigated and hopefully sorted out.

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