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EPP account unable to setup smartwatch plan

There was an error when I tried to register my EPP smartwatch plan to the samsung watch 5 pro. Tried to call all phone number available, from regular Telus support, to technical support, to EPP line. I think the total wait time is around 10 hours alr...

luognmga by Just Moved In
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Why does Telus limit 3G service?

After I went from the iPhone X to the iPhone 12 I no longer have the option to use 3G for Voice and Data in settings. After some forum posts and checking specs I realized that Apple is not limiting 3G access on their phones, Telus is forcing people t...

Discounts not applied on my bill

Hello I just signed up for Telus mobility on black Friday for 2 people. I was offered the $55 plan for $35 and I verified with 3 different telus reps and they confirmed my plan will be $35 each totaling $70 monthly. The telus reps told me the discoun...

digitalife by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Advertisements

Why does telus insist on sending me advertising for services/deals that I already have? you'd think by now they'd have an algorithm to only send to non subscribers... especially if those subscribed can't get the deal..... its like hey here's a deal y...

Airecrist by Just Moved In
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Resolved! call back

scheduled a call back for today at 2pm on Nov 30 from the drop down window Telus suggested. No Call......... geeze waste of my time.

rhondaT2 by Neighbour
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Past Account

I was a past customer from Telus in 2018. Since my account went to collections I have consolidated the amount owing. Unfortunately I do not have the Account #, I do not have old bills for it either, is there a number I can call?

Contact customer service

Hi,How difficult is it normally to reach a customer service rep in your experience? I signed up for a couple lines 8 days ago. I have tried to phone three times, with the longest in hold for 80 minutes while I watched most of a World Cup match, befor...

Uberpete by Friendly Neighbour
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5G connection problem after switched provider.

Hello,I have problems with 5G connection.after switched 4 phones from Bell mobility to Telus mobility 3days ago, since then we barely connected 5G connected and switch back to LTE+, LTE and 4G. I never had problems with Bell.when I restarted connect ...

sklee60 by Just Moved In
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Can't roam

I have a pixel 4a and have easy roam enabled however I am unable to make a roaming connection in Germany. I have tried removing sim, checked Ap settings, turned phone off and on multiple times and even did a network reset at Google supports suggestio...

Dond by Just Moved In
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