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in general tower coverage areas

I'm looking at formal database's map of cell network sites/antennas. Each pinned site is a clickable that pops open to some details about each antenna there (exact frequency etc.). For some of the antennas, it shows "Radius of Operation". It looks li...

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bp23 by Just Moved In
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Cold call offers

TLDR version because I just lost my last post. talked for about 45 minutes and offered a better deal than I have with Freedom, agreed to think about it and was given 4 temporary numbers, 4 sim cards sent to me. During the call, was told repeatedly no...

timothy1 by Just Moved In
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Unable to make calls in the US despite having data access

I'm currently in Nevada, and since arriving my phone connection has been spotty at best in Reno. Now that I'm outside Reno I no longer can make phone calls despite having data access. Its meant that I wasn't able to access my voice mail ( can't make ...

IanB1 by Neighbour
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Poor cell service actually crap cell service

So I am having very bad cell service, dropped calls constantly, calls that are cutting out etc. After two separate occasions of over 2 hour phone calls with technical support , I am sent this message #1#1 Hi Debbie, as discussed here's your ticket nu...

Debb1 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Can I add same ad on before it expires

So my I ran out my data plan but early before it expires, the problem is I want to renew the same data plan as on but it does not expire until next week and the next ad on is bit expensive and I don't need that much data.Is it possible to add the sam...

Nikesh by Just Moved In
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PSA: Pixel 6 Pro with Telus

I posted this on Reddit and thought I'd share here. If you have a Pixel 6 Pro and have apps that are very slow to open when on carrier data, this may be for you. TL;DR; My Pixel 6 Pro on Telus has been extremely slow launching apps when on carrier da...

JeffGWpg by Friendly Neighbour
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