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Credit limit

Hi. I was just wondering if there’s a way I could see my credit limit (if there’s any) on my account. When I opened my account in November, I was told I had a credit limit of $300.There’s nothing on my account when I check on the app or on the websit...

Resolved! 3rd party subsctiption options that Telus should fix

3 weeks ago i've got text message from saying that i subscribed to gaming service ( i did not ). I assumed its spam but just in case i called Telus ( 80 min wait for someone to answer ! ). I was told that there is no charge on the account and ...

K_K by Helpful Neighbour
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Pre-paid SIM card activation

I am unable to activate a new SIM card online for a pay as you go plan. The system continues to glitch at the payment confirmation stage. Please advise.

hshah17 by Just Moved In
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Iphone 13 two providers

Good morning I have my Iphone 13 with TELUS, and a work phone with Fido. Carrying two phones is annoying is there anyway (eSim perhaps) I can use the Iphone 13 with a Telus esim and use the physical Fido sim as well for that line? or some variation

Horrible Service

Has anyone else had the worst service in the last few months live 45 mins out of Edmonton and no matter where I am in Edmonton or surrounding areas constantly dropping calls. I continue to call Telus they get me to reset network settings it doesnt he...

Shantel by Neighbour
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Bad service

Does anyone living in Rosedale (red deer) have the worst service, always cutting out, no one can ever hear you?

Rachelc by Just Moved In
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Switching Carrier + Prepaid Plan + eSIM + Smartwatch LTE

I am currently with Koodo, on a monthly prepaid plan. Can I switch to Telus, porting my current number over to a Telus Prepaid Monthly plan but have my activation be on an eSIM voucher instead of a physical SIM card & will I be able to use the number...

Enursha by Just Moved In
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Charged for texts I never sent

Telus is charging me for 405 texts messages sent to a US number that were sent at 4am on June 14th in a 40 minute window. The phone was in a locked office that no one but me had a key to. This isn't the first time that this has happened apparently as...

Huntleys by Just Moved In
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