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eSIM Help with iPhone

How do you get voicemails on your secondary phone line using an eSIM? Is there a way to get voicemail alerts?Why will it only sent SMS messages on my secondary number? I would like to use iMessage.

APGNelson by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Porting deactivated phone number no longer in service

I have a problem with my old phone number being 2FA linked to many of my accounts like MyCRA and iCloudI had the number with Fido, switched to Koodo and ported it then. A few months ago I changed my old phone number to a new one. Now a couple weeks a...

Smart Hub

I have had a ticket now for 21 days waiting on a service technician to come out to my site to check on the smart Hub. Most times can not even run a speed yeast as it can’t connect. Currently running off my phone. In our campground everyone that has a...

WC by Just Moved In
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Data Usage Toggle switch on a Talk & Text Plan?

I just recently signed up for a Voice 25 Nationwide plan, which is a voice-only (talk&text) plan. On day 1 I logged into my My Telus account to see that I had a data overage of 1.08mb! I turned the switch to OFF and did the same on my flip phone. See...

No international texting?

So I was thinking of switching from Koodo (unlimited nation-wide calls/unlimited international texting) to 40$ non-share plan but noticed that texting is solely nation wide. How is is their flanker offers international but not Telus or am I misunders...

FrankMtl by Organizer
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I'm a newcomer in Canada and ordered a phone online with the data plan. I was asked to bring 2 valid IDs at the store. What are the possible scenarios will happen?

itsmweeee by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Any one used Bell or Rogers LTE modem with Telus?

I'm a "Rural Smart Hub" subscriber and want to replace my Telus Huawei modem with an ZTE MF288. I can get several second-hand units initially sold by Bell. I'm wondering if anyone has successfully used a Bell or Rogers unit on the Telus rural network...

jtg575 by Friendly Neighbour
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Hi, How to deactivate mobile phone voice mail

If I cannot be reached on my mobile phone, I don't want people to be able to leave a voice mail. How do I deactivate voicemail on the mobile? The phone should ring forever and never ever should it go to voice mail.