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I want chage plan

I wanted to change the plan to a Boxing Day deal. But it didn't change, so I asked in the chat. Then, he told me to ask for a callback no matter what. I beg you, please allow me to modify it by e-mail or click a few times. Why can't you do this when ...

Changing wifi to 2.4 ghz

I need to login into the admin hub to get 2.4 ghz wifi to pair a new lightbulb with Alexa.I read another user’s question and got to the admin sign in but don’t know how to access. Password is on router. Is the username the wifi name? It’s not working...

KimmyBee by Just Moved In
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PureFibre 2.5 Gigabit router user manual?

Where can I download the router user manual Telus provides for its PureFibre 2.5 Gigabit Internet plan? I’m unable to locate the correct one online in the Telus support docs, which only shows the one related to the older model that supports the lower...

John_H by Organizer
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FXA5000 Custom DNS

How do I set a custom dns server on my FXA5000 router? I had one configured priori to the latest software update. Product VendorTechnicolorProduct NameFXA5000Software Version20.3.h.0392.1

Resolved! Try to replace Nokia g-010s-a

Hi Community,I tried to replace the Nokia G-010s-a with a 10G support SFP+ module. I found most 10G SFP+ modules come with 2 ports and only some SFP+ modules have 1 port. So I try some of them. The port size does not match. Is there a difference betw...

Ming by Friendly Neighbour
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Slow download speed.

Hello, I am on a Telus legacy "Internet 6" plan (DSL via my old & slow land line) and have experienced a decrease in download speed for the past year or so. I used to get around 5 mbps but now consistently get only around 4. It was slow enough as it ...

NoSmoke by Neighbour
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Stay logged in?

Hello all, I have just activated Call Control and find it to be very useful. I especially like the call log it keeps and would like to access it daily. Once logged in however, is there any way to stay logged in, or stay logged in longer, to avoid hav...

NoSmoke by Neighbour
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