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Resolved! Telus Email

How to not have ( all mail ) not keep copy's of all the mail. If you delete the all mail you delete all mail in your folders drafts etc. in box.

polecat by All-Star
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Resolved! Adding an additional wifi router upstairs

Hello,I have a fiber optic modem and next to that my wireless router (T3200M). Both are downstairs and provide great wifi down there, but upstairs its very poor. Since I have an ethernet cable wired upstairs from the router, I figured I could add an ...

Truant19 by Just Moved In
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Forcing device to use 2.4 over boost

I have a few Boost wifi devices scattered around the house. Each device connects back to the modem via LAN. A few months back I installed some wireless cameras outdoors. Connection has always been spotty and someone suggested forcing these devices to...

Chrisq by Organizer
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Continuous Daemon.err in log

I noticed this error filling up my log entries in my log files for my hub/booster:daemon.err Easymesh-Roaming map_wee_dispatch_ctrl_events Invalid argumentsIt occurs every 1 sec intervals and filles up the log.Anyone know if this is normal or why the...

continuous daemon.err log entries

I noticed this error in my log entries of my wifi booster.Jul 18 21:53:19 daemon.err Easymesh-Roaming map_wee_dispatch_ctrlr_events Invalid input argumentsIt repeats every 1 second interval and has filled up the log, so I can't tell how long its been...

Internet Usage Stats Not Showing

I added the SHUDDER streaming service through Amazon Prime ( only .99/month for 2 months ) on the 12th and watched a lot of movies over the first few days. I was curious just how much extra GB's I was using so I checked on my personal profile section...

Resolved! Swapping the white Nokia ONT with a SFP ONT

Hi folks! I had a chat today with a Telus customer service agent about swapping my current Nokia ONT for the SFP ONT they are including in newer installs. I run my own Ubiquiti UDM-PRO gateway, so I do not need the T3200M Telus supplied gateway. Unfo...

Phil20 by Just Moved In
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