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Connect Error

I often connect to another households telus connect and can see all their devices. Why does this happen?

84353 by Just Moved In
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Wifi Pin

I am trying to connect an old laptop to the Pure Fibre internet and it is asking for the 8 digit pin on the router but I don't see any Pin on the router.

Shannonj by Friendly Neighbour
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Is this a SCAM???

I'm very confused right now. Today, I received a call from 833-390-3721, claiming to be a representative from Telus. Because I had only switched to Telus a month ago, I thought they were calling to ask for feedback on my internet service. I wasn't su...

Kupa by Just Moved In
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Telus 5G Smart Hub – iPv6 is not working properly

I am getting an iPv6 address through telus on the ZTE MC7010 outdoor CPE but ICMP filtering seems to be not working currently, and it is not the fault of my router. Instead of bridging which seems to not be working properly for some reason, I used th...

BBi by Just Moved In
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High Ping on CS2 West Coast Servers

Hello, I'm experiencing high ping on Counter-Strike 2 West Coast servers since January 30th, 2024. I'm located in Alberta and my ping to Seattle servers was usually 30-40ms and California was 40-45ms but lately it has been 60-80ms for those servers, ...

mz17 by Organizer
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Resolved! T3200M not wired for Gigabit from ONT

Hi all, Yesterday I upgraded my Internet from Telus 75 to PureFibre Gigabit. I was noticing that I was only getting/maxing out at 100mbps through the T3200M (ethernet and wireless).That's when I went down to the basement where my ONT was and connecte...

D72AAD51-681C-422D-9F44-6254407069D5_1_105_c.jpeg 1921F1F4-6730-47CF-A5EF-4DC47E0631B0_1_105_c.jpeg
jjdinks by Friendly Neighbour
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