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Channel missing on optik box but shows up on app

Hey all ! I had YTV for the longest time, but just recently it disappeared from my channels list on the box, but it still shows up on the Telus optik app. And I’m able to view it. I checked the customize my guide section in settings and it’s checked....

Jbolger94 by Just Moved In
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The worst employee

Hello TELUS,I am very sorry to tell you that you have a very poor staff and colleagues.Your employee recommended telus best deal plan in a group chat, I chatted with your employee privately and subscribed to telus internet line for a year. After I su...

Fkagency by Just Moved In
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Internet connection

Hello, I'm NW Edmonton, AB and have lost my internet connection. Anyone else? It seems I can't get a call back for another 2 hours for customer service.

Kim7 by Just Moved In
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Wifi parental controls for bedtime

I am trying to set-up parental controls for wifi at bedtime. I understand how to do this in the app but I have a question about timing. Is the day that I select based on the start time or the end time? For example, if I want to block wifi from 11pm S...

BBerg by Just Moved In
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2 modems in the same house?

Is it possible to have 2 modems in the same house? I found out that my landlord has been using our wifi cause one day our wifi was out. I called the telus help line and they sent a tech guy over asking where our modem was. I pointed it out and they s...

dexkon by Just Moved In
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Computer changing wifi

My home computer is only Wifi and keeps changing to the Telus boost rather than the Hub, which is much closer and 10 times the speed!How can I set the wifi up on my home computer so it always connects to the Hub for fastest speeds!?

tracho by Just Moved In
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Boost Wifi issues

Hello, I currently have a new Arcadyan Network Access Hub with a Telus Boost Wifi 6 directly connected to it. I also have a boost wifi starter pack (that I purchased before the upgrade and used on my old system). I live in an older two story residenc...

Dave_P by Just Moved In
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