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Resolved! Reward Points

Where are my points listed? Also what can I redeem them for? I can't see the path to it!!

home phone support via telephone if you now have fibre

When you call in for home phone support (billing or other), if you have switched to fibre, some operators cannot access your information. They then transfer you to another area (not directly accessible to Telus customers) and you again must wait. Why...

lggg by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Gmail and Telus voice-mail not playing well

I use the Telus voice-mail system on my landline. One of the features of that service is that I get sent an email when a voice-mail is left. This worked well up until the transfer to Gmail. Now when I receive a voice-mail Telus, as normally done in t...

Rick81 by Coach
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Resolved! WHY - Telus logo in printed emails?

I have suffered through the transition to the Gmail world without too many problems. Now I am forced to carry the Telus logo on ALL my printed email. This begs the question WHY?? I don't want the Telus logo on my printed correspondence. How do I get ...

Rick81 by Coach
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PureFibre Wi-Fi hub full bridge Asus Lyra

Hi everyone,I just switched from Shaw 300 to Telus 940/940. I have the asus Lyra mesh I used with the Shaw blue curve modem bridged, got over 300 down hardwired. Putting the Wi-Fi (arcadyan) hub into full bridge mode, it doesn’t go over 300. I’ve see...

Dliau925 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet Usage Notification

I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting a notification telling me that I've used approximately 95% of my internet usage.95% would be if I reached 972 GB and I am NOWHERE near reaching 972 GB. So my question is why I am I receiving this false notific...

lifiqusi by Neighbour
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Telus email account management

Man, I am super pissed off. I rarely use my Telus email accounts, but after getting more than a few notifications about it, etc, I decided, for security's sake, I should check on my services. I have forwarding turned on for my Telus account to forwar...

DeanD by Coach
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Resolved! Wifi Booster - Unable to detect Network

When I set up the booster initially I am able to get to the blue solid dot and scan the QR code but receive the "unable to join network" message. When I try manually to join the WIFI network doesn't show up at all. (Tried multiple devices) I have fac...

Mhortaki by Just Moved In
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