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I called your CS to add 6 additional accounts into my account, however your rep asked me to hold for more than an hour, to my surprise, he didn't add the emails instead he deleted two of the emails I have been using that cause the lost of all of my important business info. I called again, a CS named Julius tried to help me and it took me another hour to be on the phone... This is the most stupid mistake I have ever encountered with Telus. I request a $300 compensation effective immediately to compensate the loss of my sensitive data as well as the time I should not have wasted!


Community Power User
Community Power User

You realize The Neighbourhood is inhabited any other Telus customers who offer adv ice & support to other customers? It seems Julius sorted the issue. No one here can address your further concerns.


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Community Power User
Community Power User

I had issues when I made changes to my account and lost some mailboxes. Telus was able to recover these from backup. It took a few days and any email that was sent to them while they were gone is likely lost.


Hopefully you can get most of it restored.