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Running fiberoptic cable through building

Hi I am running fiber to multiple points in the house due to multiple reasons. I want to know what style of connector should be at the TP and the ONT to make sure the service tech does not have issues connecting.Also I assume TELUS want single mode c...

Resolved! Optik tv and orbi wifi 6 meah

Just bought a orbi wifi 6 system to help with our poor wifi options in langley.We have an optik pvr and 4 wireless 4k boxes paired to it .. do I need to plug the master pvr into the orbi directly to have them access that wifi network vs the standard ...

Dnelson12 by Just Moved In
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Chrome book won’t connect to Smart Hub

My chrome book gives an error message that it’s out of range. I am literally sitting beside the smart hub and all other devices work. I reset the router and restarted the computer. Any other suggestions?

Kevino by Just Moved In
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Telus internet

Crowdsourcing: Anybody with telus on their fiber optic internet300?Door to door salesman offered me a great deal on a 2yr contract. The deal is good but i was never impressed with telus before. So for those who have been with telus fiber optic300is t...

Apple drops - is boost better?

Hi4 months ago we got Optik tv and a T3200M modem and an extender. The modem replaced my Apple setup. Since then Wi-Fi has not been a good word in my house. Our Apple devices often drop the signal. I thought I needed more signal so I ordered Boosts. ...

Frznrth by Organizer
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Resolved! Upgrading Internet Plan

Hi all, I finally got around to upgrading my plan, I was only on Internet15 and now have upgraded to Internet75 (unfortunately this is the fastest plan I can get in my current building). I'm just wondering how long it takes to upgrade the plan so tha...

nieder by Friendly Neighbour
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Port Forwarding on Telus WiFi Hub

Howdy, I just got a response from Telus Tech support regarding Port Forwarding: From chats with network team and colleagues there is nothing from Telus’s end blocking the ports you are looking to use. Unfortunately as port forwarding is unsupported b...

Resolved! Use Telus Wi-Fi Hub as Access Point with my own router

I want to connect my own router to the Nokia ONT, and then connect the Telus Wi-Fi Hub (the white trash can looking device) to my router and use the Wi-Fi Hub as an Access Point to connect my Wi-Fi devices to the network. I want my router to handle a...

jjb by Just Moved In
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My Telus App

App not working. I did all the suggested checks and reinstalls still not working

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