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Resolved! I am gonna move to the new home and have some questions about the telus internet.

I am gonna move to the new home and have some questions about the telus internet. ↑↑↑↑↑ My new home is using this ONT ↑↑↑↑↑ My current home is using NOKIA ONT & T3200m Modem 1,Which model is the new one?2,Why does the Alcatel ONT used at the new home...

20180604_132159.jpg oAAQ00h.jpg
TommyL by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Fibre not available

Currently using Telus Gigabyte Internet but the place I'm moving to has only an option of copper Internet 15 or 25 at the same price. I'd love to use Telus if things are reasonable to the place where I'm moving, but since there is a significant diffe...

calgarian by Just Moved In
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Accessing Telus e-mail through Chrome

I'm no longer able to access my telus email using Chrome as my browser. It's telling me:"This account is not allowed to sign in within this network.Please talk to your network administrator for more information." It worked just fine a week ago and I'...

Micheline by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Capitalizing on the higher speeds, how?

This is a little bit “what do I do” and a little bit of a whine post. Sorry... I just upgraded my TELUS Internet. I had recently been running 150. We have had Fibre for several years. We have 3 wired TVs, and multiple wireless phones, iPads, laptops....

Neilh by Neighbour
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Resolved! Smart Hub - How can I extend my signal?

I recently switched my internet to Smart Hub. I would like to extend my signal as I have a 3 story house. For my old account, I had ordered and used mesh wifi extenders....Is it possible to use them with Smart Hub? Maybe with ip address or an externa...

TexasSage by Just Moved In
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Using moca adapters

Hi there, I was thinking of a way to get another access point with a wired connection on the top floor of my house. The best way I could think of doing it since I don't have ethernet ports in my house was to use the coax port in the upstairs master. ...

lking by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet not able to be set up?

I recently moved into a duplex which has a legally registered basement and the main floor on each side. There is one fiber optic cable coming into our side of the duplex which is plugged into an ONT that has 4 ports on it. The basement tenant has a m...

Noah_mc by Just Moved In
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