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Why does Telus Deserve my business?

Just Moved In
Telus is the most painful company to deal with : contact : troubleshoot : resolve problems, that I have ever encountered. I have been waiting on hold now for over one hour, spoke to 3 representatives and now waiting for a fourth. The entire time I have been on hold I have been a captive audience for a continuous stream of Telus propaganda of how great Telus is; how great they are for the environment, how they are an industry leader of innovation, how they are working for a better future, how they are experiencing higher than normal call volumes and thank me for my patience... and on and on.
As a rual internet user I pay $85/month for the the Telus hub and as of late it has been almost unusable,; I can get download speeds of 16 to 20 Mbps but the upload is 0.5 Mbps. I have rebooted my hub, I have it sitting in a window, it has 3 out of 4 bars signal strength, my Xbox shows signal strength of 100% but the upload speed is abysmal and trying to connect to any human in the tech dept is excruciating PAINFUL.
Why does a company with such sad support deserve my $85/month for shyte? Beware new potential customers (my time on hold now
1 hour 22 minutes 36 seconds =(

Just Moved In
...finally spoke with an IT guy who I could understand and was super helpful ...thank you guy... butdoes it need to be so painful and why does a customer have to wait 90+ minutes for help.